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ig heavy weapons

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i am going to start small IG force and i will be using
few inf squads, company command squad, manticore
and the rest points will be used to gunline and my question is
which heavy weapons are best with ig.
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For a small army I would say missile rule, even at larger battles they are worth thier spot.
Being a jack of all trade, evan tho auto cannon is good missile has to win.

Auto cannon str 7 ap 4 2 shots, true can take out APC/IFV, can hurt MC and 2 shots seems to be good against infantry, downfall with a BS of 3 you will hit 50% of the time and with ap4 MEQ will get saves reducing casulties.

Missile choice of frag or krak, Krak can take out APC/IFV and with a little luck can even take out,or at least hurt MBT ie Land raiders, ap 3 no save for MEQ and str 8 instant kill for most ICs, facing a horde then pop a frag then have a nice template tho str 4 ap 5 it is more than enough to kill most infantry in horde armies, and with scatter rules low BS doesnt hurt that much.

On the subject of mortars for me they have never killed much, being an anti infantry weapon only but it is fun to stay out of LOS and drop templates, so I field them more than I should, but with mortars never field 1 in a squad unless a hiding order giving command squad, field in weapon teams and more is always better.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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