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IG Deathstar?

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Can it be done?!!! Best Deathstar list gets $1, PayPal :)
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Only real thought would be to have and ultimate blob squad, either that or some buffed up comand squad with iron hand straken.

So basically options are:

● 5 squads of imperial guard squads, each with Sargent with power fist or more likely power axe and melta bombs. Along with either of a shootier blob with a lascannon or more assulty unit with meltas or flamers.

●then allied and units to buff the squad, preists for more combat focused buffs and command and platoon comand squads for the shooting and movement buffs. These along with the options for psykic buffs for defence.

The other option is basically a combat buffed comand squad with iron hand straken for the major squad punch, but basically the same idea get buffs for combat through preists and maybe something for survivability such as an invulnerable save and feel no pain.

Too my knowledge that the main options building out of the IG/AM book unless its coming out of an allied book primarily.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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