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IG Deathstar?

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Can it be done?!!! Best Deathstar list gets $1, PayPal :)
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Ogryn-star is a whore.
I faced a guy who played two of these squads (EDIT: Bullgryn/Ogryn I can't remember) in one game AND abused wound allocation. Worst game, but rules nudging aside if you get the right powers for this unit it's bonkers good. Slow, but good.

Honestly, the guy asked for a rematch and I laughed at him.
By not allocating wounds to a model until it dies before moving on. It was when I was just starting to get used to the new BA 'dex so I was way too focused on what my army was doing to realize that he was way wrong (plus I'd never really faced many multiple wound units like this before). Say I did 5 wounds in CC to the squad, he took one wound each off five models then attacked back with all of them as opposed to two of them dying and a third having one wound left.
He was learning too with that army I guess, though he also took a Riptide against me at 500 points with an Unbound army of 'go fuck yourself' proportions when I was playing Battle Forged and learning a new Codex.

*shrug* got a sweet gaming group going on now.

If Iraqiel hadn't mentioned it first I would have tossed it out there since you were looking for it. It's a fairly common thing to see among some competitive Guard players, though I much prefer my tanks. Don't think I even own an Elites choice for my army :grin:
Glorious times of DSing 2 Storm troopers and Marbo and obliterating stuff.
My buddy used to DS Stormtroopers on me all the time. They used to have doctrines that they could choose from and one of them was re-roll DS scatter, yeah? Bastards with their plasma....too many good marines dead :laugh:

Maybe we get a dataslate Marbo? He's one of the last models I have from when I was a kid....even fully painted!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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