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The Inq/2 Mystics will probably not be a choice once the new GK Codex comes out, which while still been several months away so OK as a countermeasure in the short term, it won't be a long term fix.

Apart from what others have said you could also -
- castle up in a corner.
- take some expendable Units that you can feed to the enemy unit and then shoot the crap out of them once their first assault is finished and before they can assault a second squad.
- do a refused flank so they have to foot it to get to you, meaning you can once again shoot the snot out of them.
- deploy along the Board edge so they can't easily DS in the first place.
- use some units to act as bubblewrap for your suseptible Artillery etc, so giving them cover that the enemy has to chew through first.
- take an OoTF so all his units come in piecemeal instead of all at once, so you can focus a lot of your firepower onto a small amount of his..whatever you have at hand, even if it's overkill, just wipe them out period.
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