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i am having trouble finishing my list and would appreciate advice on what to take my list so far is

emperors blade assault company
-CCS -204
-- astropath
-- company commander
---carrapace armour
--- bolter
---cadias wrath HoC
--2x plasma guns

-vet squad x2 -176 x2
--carracape armour
--3x plasma guns
--vox caster
--bolter on sergant

-vet squad -161
--carracape armour
--3x meltas
--vox caster
--bolter on sergant

-hellhound -125

emperors wrath artillery company
-CCS -156
--master of ordinance

-enginseer -40
-hydra -70
-wyvern x2 -130
-manticore -170

inquisitor -42
-power armour
-servo skulls x3

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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