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With regards to Valk/Vend, I'd normally go for the opposite of what the rest of your army does....i.e. for OldHat's army go valkyries, since you have a LOT of AT with all those meltas, and not as much anti-infantry. Basically during your scout move run the flyers straight towards enemy tanks, 1st turn drop them out and valks/vends are free to move around wherever. On the other hand if you have a lot of flamers etc. in your squads, then go for vendettas (personally my favourite option). Also I wouldn't bother too much with the astropath, since your flyers can pack a lot of firepower (i mean....for 3 vendetta's that's 3 9 TL lascannons and 3 HB) so most of the time you'll want them to start off on the board. Not that it's not better to outflank in some situations, just I think the astropath points are better spent elsewhere.

Another thing i wouldn't be too bothered about is the flamers on your command units. Combat based armies will normally charge them before they get a chance to do much (1 or 2 kills possibly) and shooty armies that really feel threatened by them will normally pick them off, which isn't too hard considering it's only 5 models and they have to actually get close before they do anything...If you're really adamant about throwing them in, and I know plenty of people that are (as the old saying goes...theres nothing better than the smell of burnt green mushroom in the morning), either put them in transport (make sure you leave some officers behind for orders though), or go with al'rahem ;)

Anyhow army looks solid enough, all the best :)
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