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This is for my IG army (Laurentix PDF / Laurentix Airbourne Assult Legion)

What ive done - Linkin Park


Blow me away - Breaking Benjamin

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Song: O Fortuna from Carmina Burana
Composer: Karl Orff

For my Blood Lions Space Marines.

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glorous 11th legion!

five finger death punch
Death before dishonor

there can be only one 11th legion!

and for the Metapopalean 1st grand army(IG)

god of anger

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artist:lincoln park
army:emperors children
basicaly becouse they are numb to all but the most extreem stimuli

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For Black Templar I like killing in the name of
how, rage againt the machine?(machines in 40k are holy)
"I wont do what u told me"...hmm the inquisition will like that!


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Bolt throwers the stuff man!!!!!Jamming realms while painting my trader legion....BTW GW's actually mentioned on their site,in their biography.......I think they're just hardcore fans.
Bolt Thrower were originally signed to Warhammer Records (it did exist, I'm not making this up). I remember there was a Bolt Thrower flexi-disc (ask you parents) attached to White Dwarf (I think it was around issue 95,96).*

As for Music to go with my army I think :
"Age of Panic" by Senser
for my Khorne Berzerkers

"My name is crash. Sidewinding, I flash like a burning flare - don't look away 'cause I'm already in there, I've been there - wherever you stare. I've been there longer than you care to remember. Buried deep inside you, now you must step to accept all the past behind you. Pain breeding pain and it's back again, only the scars in your brain remain so you look for a vent, you consent to escape what's gone and now I'm on. From the nipple to the needle to the bottle and you're never satisfied, for these crimes you must be tried. You can't hide 'cause I am reality your birthright is a world of insanity. Disconnected legacy and you will never see an end to the global savagery. Continuing to feed your desire for more but deep down you know the truth you'll never find what you're looking for - It's gone and you can't buy it back. And now your senses are under attack. So you act automatic and turn to the frantic nation of addicts. Reduced to the manic, false erratic solemn doped up slaves and servants of greed because you were born into the age of panic.

Now I'm going all city with the master plan. I'm faster man and I'm about to tell just who I am. I am the reality you can't escape, the visions recorded on disk and tape. The rape, the horror, the shame so familiar. My words fill you with dread and then kill you dead. Stone cold in your stride, I fill a hole in your soul around fifty miles wide. I'm the contradiction each time you speak. I keep you weakened, get down at your feet. I am the part that you can never reconcile. You're right here but you're living in exile. Walking in cities of stone, the shadows groan, thousands of people but you're all alone in your own little zone, like a drone working in hives all your lives bowing down to the throne. The overlords made in your own image, anaesthetised you in the global village, now you're finished, dependent lost in a maze, you're dazed as you stare at the glowing blaze, erased. Your future pulses in a computer. I am you - now how'd that suit ya? Inherited chaos now instilled as I willed and now I just wait for the kill as they're born into the age of panic."

*Honestly I am really not making this up.

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Being an Old gamer who has had many many armies I'll give the ones I always felt best represented them. I don't have many of these anymore, but they still live on in my heart.

Eldar Harlequin army (Rogue trader to Early 2nd Ed)
Song: Kashmir
Artist: Led Zeppelin
The slow melodic progression and sweeping instrumentals add to seemingly otherworldiness of the song and the line about being a traveller in both time and space add perfect elements to eldar.

Blood Angels (2nd Ed)
Song: Reign in Blood
Artist: Slayer

Space Wolves (2nd to 3rd Ed)
Song: Oden's Ride over Nordland/Fine Day to Die
Artist: Bathory
The Idea of a noble death seems to fit mt with the space wolves best

Sisters of Battle
Song: Burn the Witches
Artist: Marilyn Manson
An obvious choice here, and one that's so fun to scream along to while burning heretics

Tau (3rd to 4rth Ed)
Song: Mandatory Suicide
Artist: Slayer
The descriptions of firefights always strikes me as being sorta tau-like

Emperor's Children (3rd Ed)
Song: 120 Days
Artist: Genitorturers
Or really anything by them fits the whole Slaaneshi bit rather well.

Death Guard (3rd Ed to 4th Ed)
Song: Plague Bearer
Artist: Bolt Thrower
Well, duh, its obvious

For My Orks (3rd Ed briefly and again in the Present)
Song: Deathpod falls from the Sky
Artist: GWAR
"We were born in Space Slaughtering race after race..." Kinda says it all

My new Cthulhu inspired Chaos army
Song: Cthulhu Dawn
Artist: Cradle of Filth

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Best soundtrack for my armies:


An Industrial-Hardcore act from Italy, but very famous in the Netherlands.

all their records are great:

"where angels fear to fly"
"church of pentagram"
"chosen riders of doom"
"righteous infliction of retribution"
"The punishment due"
"Blessed by Kaos"
"Far beyond the triumphants"

Their music is best described as;
Should the world really come to an end, this music would make a great soundtrack while it's happening!

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heh, lots of Metal lovers out there. doesnt surprise me. i personally think Metal musik goes better with it. cant say why, but hey, thats my take on it.:mrgreen:

*disclaimer : i do not mean to bash anyone for any possible reasons. DONT HURT ME!!!.*

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well, of course metal goes better with warhammer 40k, especially death metal, which has always taken its influences lyrically from horror movies, occultism, war, destruction disease and facism... all of which are themes running through 40k. And the aggressive sound of the music helps too. Aside from the songs I listed, there are several bands whose work is usually the best to listen to while playing and painting. Of course you have to start the list with D'Rock and Bolt Thrower, 2 bands who were initally signed to Games Workshop's failed (or maybe just abandonned) record label. Slayer, Cradle of Filth, White Zombie, Nuclear Assault, Pantera, Sepultura, Death, Dimmu Borgir, Bathory, and certain songs by Megadeth and Metallica (primarily from the Cliff Burton era, though "And Justice for All..." has some good 40k type songs) deserve places of honor in the list as well. Unfortunately, much of the NuMetal has turned too inward, focusing more on the writer's own emotions to be of much use, though certain artists like Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Disturbed come close on some songs. Certain bands seem to work better for certain armies, Genitorturers work great for Slaanesh. GWAR has some songs that work really good for Orks or Chaos.

Funny story, according to Hunter Jackson, who played Techno Destructo and Scroda Moon at GWAR concerts and was the primary artist behind GWAR's Slavepit funnies, GWAR was at a Con with Andy Chambers from GW and Andy claimed that the term Waaagh! was actually inspired by Adrian Wood's yelling GWAR during many of his early battles.

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unoriginal but it fits well
Song: Blow Me Away
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
For: The Blood Mongers of I'van de Croix
The most stubborn and arrogant astartes in the universe xD

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For my Tau:

Song: Trombe!
Artist: I have no idea. It's from the Super Robot Taisen Original Generation series.
The "Original GenerationS" one is best.

[ I model and paint my battlesuits to represent various mech from that series. I have an Alteisen and I'm going to be working on the above-shown Trombe and a Mass-Produced Huckebine. I dream of a Daizengar suit. ]

For my Blood Angels:

Song: Ghost Division
Artist: Sabaton

Replace "tanks" with any BA-relevant term in the lyrics.
What characterises the mighty army of immortal super-warriors more than "Always ahead! Fed by your dread!"?


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Having picked up another army (and a half), I've got a couple more.

For the Battle Sisters of the Convent of Our Lady of Vengeance-

Song:Over the Hills and Far Away
Artist:Damn near any Regimental band.

For the Private Army of Witch Hunter Inquisitor Lord Vladimir Sheremtev-

Song: The Regulator
Artist: Clutch

"Come with me and walk the longest mile."

and in Fantasy, for my Tzeentchian Chaos Horde

Song: Master of Light
Artist: Monster Magnet

"I can shake now and I can show
I can go where no one else goes
Check your head now and hold on tight
It's surfin' time with the master of light"

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Any Inquisitorial Army - Welcome to Jamrock; Damian Marley
"In the streets, they call it Murder"

My Architects of Malice, after numerous Drive by Shootings and 'Hit's', I've decided it's got to be either "X Gon' Give It to Ya", or "Church for Thugs"

Mother Fucking Stats are fucking... Dead...
It ain't whatchoo heard...
It's what you hearin'
X Gon' Give To Ya
Fuck waiting for you,
you gotta get it yaself.

Actually. Thinking about it, it has no real relevance. But I like the song. And my Chapter Master's Black. So yeah, that's good.

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Song: Hand of Doom
Artist: Manowar
Army: Ultramarines

Hand of Doom
Hands of doom are reaching out to crush all infidels who stray
Time to know the pain, no time to run within
And these hands you see before you will end the light of day
Your ashes will be cast into the wind
Your blood's upon the soil, your body fed to wolves
Not one of you will be left alive
Hear the sound pounding and the army of the night
By the hammer of Thor you now shall die

Tonight we strike, there is thunder in the sky
Together we'll fight, some of us will die
But they'll always remember that we made a stand
And many will die by my hand

High atop the mountain, with hammers in the wind
Lusting for blood and death again
In a flash of lightning strike now the house of death invites you
Body and soul to come within
I see the fear you have inside, you can run but never hide
I will hunt you down and tear you limb from limb
Nothing shall remain, not your memory, your name
It will be as though you never ever lived

Kickass lyrics!!!

It used to be Tenderness by General Public but I didn't think it gave off the right vibe. ;)

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Dark eldar

Artist : Infected mushroom

Song : becoming insane

fast tune very fitting to dark eldar, and it fits because dark eldar are insane LOL!!

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Army: DKOK
Music: through the fire ad the flames
Artist: dragon force
due to nukes that went off on krieg

Army: SM (my own chaptor)
Music: operation ground and pound
Artist:dragon force
lots of drop pods lol
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