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Ah, the main hull is easy. Both pieces are the same, there is no front or back. When you glue it together push both the top and bottom together so they fit tight together in the middle were the center hole is. See picture below.

Where my finger is pointing, make sure there is no gap.

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You should have some flat round pieces that will fit into the turret holes for the bottom and a second dual door hatch cover for the bottom too.

The kit should come with: (bear with me, this is from total memory)

2- center hull pieces
2- single front/rear door pannels (angled single visor slot piece that covers both front/rear hatch openings)
2- double door panels (it might be 4, I can't remember. )
2- bolters
2- dome shaped turrets
2- inner track sections
2- outer track sections
2- antenna
2- front spike ram halves
2- long hand rails
2- short hand rails (again, maybe 4, I can't remember)
2- stowage boxes
2- large round side door covers
2- headlamp housings
4- exhaust stacks
2- smoke launchers
2- rectangular bumper looking things with 4 holes in it.
(and some other assorted bits I can't remember.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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