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Identify this mortar!

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Hey guys, looking for some help.

Does anyone recognise the models this guy has used for his mortars;

I thought it may be forgeworld ones for death korps, but no luck there.

Thanks for any help.

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ahh of course they are, i was sure i recognised them from somewhere, just couldnt place it, thanks for all your help guys.
If it's the same guy, the rest of that army was epic! :good:
The one based on Zulu? If so, yea was really impressive.

Like I mentioned in this months army challenge I'm looking for a more primitive substitute for my mortars, and I think they work great. Just have to find 7 relatively cheap on ebay :laugh:
Bringing this whole mortar thing back up, im struggling to find any traditional looking artillery cheap enough, i considered Victoria miniatures heavy mortars, but its still pretty pricey.

But then I came across these:

So I could use the cadian mortars and just convert them to look similar, do you think that would work?

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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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