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101 on playing Tyranids

The thing about the tyranids is your army has to be able to counter any problem, not necessarily all in the same game though! Your army list needs to be based around you foes strengths and weaknesses, so you may have to expect several losses before you get to the winning streaks and man do i mean streaks!

The one sure unit I can recommend against almost all enemies is a Tyrant with duel Venom Cannons and wings with Enhanced Senses. That is your mobile tank hunter, good range, good movement, moves and shoots, up to six S7 (or better) shots, a monstrous creature can fire two weapons in the same turn, including warp-blasts and guns!

If space marines are the targets remember they are slow and combersome. Use hormaguants and genestealers, and watch out for the assault cannons! I personally always give genestealers the 4+ Sv, because they'll get torn to shreds by simple bolters, unless there's lots of terrain. First give the Hormagaunts +1I and to match the Space marines. Keep the genestealers behind the guants for target priority purposes, storm the Space Marines with the guants and tie them up in assault, and then assault the same squad with genestealer, swarm gangbang.

On the following turn you should have already gotten rid of one squad, and try and consolidate into another squad, unless they charged you, which would make them fools. Remember as long as you're in assault no one can shoot at you, and if you assaulted devastators, they won't be shooting the big bugs.(Tyrant, Zoanthrope, Fex) As long as your troops are in assault they won't fall back, (unless they're genestealers), even outside of synapse.

If this players has Rhinos or Land Raiders your genestealers can turn them into scrap metal and them assault the crew, better if the transport is turned into a wreck then the crew is entangled with possible casualties, then jump them with genestealers.

The hope you have when fighting space marines is you'll outnumber them three-to-one or better! As long as you don't worry too much about biomorphs and you can easily out-manuever them.

Hope this helps! I play a 2300 Tyranid army and still can't cover every angle.
I post additional help with each race later including how to get the most out of your Carnifex by making him earn twice as much as hers worth!
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