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As a new player to not only Tyranids, but Warhammer as a whole, I have yet to really face a diverse set of opponents, or even play more than 10 games!

However, I did research a lot of things on 'Nids.
#1 I searched for strategies, how best to biomorph your army.
#2 Army sizes. I knew 'Nids were supposed to outnumber enemies at deployment. (Unless you're playing 'Zilla, from which I understand doesn't work as well.)
#3 Army lists, to learn about entire strategies in motion.

I learned a lot of things that I applied to my early lists, most of which were never played. My first and second game comprised of me failing the rules mostly, but by the third game I understood how to maneuver and play.
I tied against the best WH40k player in my group on that game.
(Not because he sucks, I did get a lot of lucky rolls, and he in turn did get quite a few bad rolls. I had learned well to this point.)

But then I faced Eldar, and having only fought SM, I had no idea what to expect.
I was quite frankly, raped by the shear amount of fire power coming my way.

So, what are the main ideas that 'Nids run on?
What are the biggest misconceptions?

-'Nids need numbers. I haven't played a 'Zilla list, but after making a few, I can see easily how that few number of targets could get taken out.
-'Nids need meatshields, wether or not the shields can contribute doesn't matter, but it's helpful if they can fight for themselves.
-'Nids ABSOLUTELY need something to fight tanks. Rending Claws. Use Genestealers, Lictors, Warriors, Raveners. Whatever it takes, take out tanks. They will utterly rape everything you have if you don't.
-Make sure adequate cover is placed. I've been cheated more than once on the amount of cover, and with the lack of los blocking cover I have lost many units. Nid's need cover saves, they need things to mass around.
-Make sure your army is mobile. A lot of the best units in the 'Nids have fleet via the ability, or being Beasts, and then there is wings and leaping. You can get around. Carnifex' are the biggest problem, from what I've seen. Long range Fex's manage to hit sometimes, but not often enough. Close combat Fex's take too long to get anywhere. Maybe I need to be taught how to play them better, but I just can't get them into combat.
-Firepower. You need some, heavy firepower to take out tanks. (Zoanthropes, Biovores.) Pain that can take out squads. (Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler.) And from what I understand, 2 TL Devourers are very awesome. The problem with them being the range. For the games I've played at least, 18" is too short ranged. You need mobility to utilize this, which is why Dakka(Devil?)fexes are useless to me.

No! If you do then you'll use up valuable points that could be more models.
Winged warriors? Or another squad of warriors? It's hard to just pick the ones that are needed, when you could also make the squad that much more powerful with just a few more points!
-Carnifex' are unstoppable! How untrue, more games than not, my Fex has died before earning it's points!

As a new Nid player, I'm really looking for advice.
Add to this list, and would someone please explain how they get their Carnifex up to H2H or within 18" for the totally unreliable shots that reroll to hit and wound. Or why a sniper-Fex is worth taking if they don't even manage to hit for the most part.

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The biggest problem I have with getting the 'Fex up there, is the fact that he moves 6".

All of 6".
The boards I play on are huge, and my opponents don't always move towards me.

Even if they aim at the rest of the army, the Fex just takes soo long to get over there.
It's toast too fast.

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If you play on a 6x13 Board, like at a GW, then play shortways, and put the fex' at the very limits of your deployment zone, behind something bulletproof. I never really found a use for Fex's. Anything that a fex can kill my mate's 160 Hormagaunts can kill better.


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101 on playing Tyranids

The thing about the tyranids is your army has to be able to counter any problem, not necessarily all in the same game though! Your army list needs to be based around you foes strengths and weaknesses, so you may have to expect several losses before you get to the winning streaks and man do i mean streaks!

The one sure unit I can recommend against almost all enemies is a Tyrant with duel Venom Cannons and wings with Enhanced Senses. That is your mobile tank hunter, good range, good movement, moves and shoots, up to six S7 (or better) shots, a monstrous creature can fire two weapons in the same turn, including warp-blasts and guns!

If space marines are the targets remember they are slow and combersome. Use hormaguants and genestealers, and watch out for the assault cannons! I personally always give genestealers the 4+ Sv, because they'll get torn to shreds by simple bolters, unless there's lots of terrain. First give the Hormagaunts +1I and to match the Space marines. Keep the genestealers behind the guants for target priority purposes, storm the Space Marines with the guants and tie them up in assault, and then assault the same squad with genestealer, swarm gangbang.

On the following turn you should have already gotten rid of one squad, and try and consolidate into another squad, unless they charged you, which would make them fools. Remember as long as you're in assault no one can shoot at you, and if you assaulted devastators, they won't be shooting the big bugs.(Tyrant, Zoanthrope, Fex) As long as your troops are in assault they won't fall back, (unless they're genestealers), even outside of synapse.

If this players has Rhinos or Land Raiders your genestealers can turn them into scrap metal and them assault the crew, better if the transport is turned into a wreck then the crew is entangled with possible casualties, then jump them with genestealers.

The hope you have when fighting space marines is you'll outnumber them three-to-one or better! As long as you don't worry too much about biomorphs and you can easily out-manuever them.

Hope this helps! I play a 2300 Tyranid army and still can't cover every angle.
I post additional help with each race later including how to get the most out of your Carnifex by making him earn twice as much as hers worth!
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