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So I was thinking about a different color scheme for my Death company and was wondering if this would make sense to anyone.

My scheme for my basic units are gonna be for Angels Encarmine and they are said to be a very high death company count, but very low numbers otherwise.

The squad is 10 death company led by Astorath the Grim and according to his fluff he would decapitate any death company that became overwhelmed with the black rage. So what I was thinking was giving the squad (not Astorath obviously) and painting their armor with Astronomican Grey foundation paint to give them an almost ghostly look. This will represent a group of Death Company that fell to the black rage and Astorath put down.

I will probably paint one up to see how it comes out and will post a pic.

Let me know whatcha think about it, cool, stupid, am I just rambling on? either way any criticism would be great thanks!

Edited to make it less block of text like...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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