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First of all, Nemesis Strike Force is a Detachment.

Instead of including a Force Organisation chart, the Army List
Entries that comprise a Formation are listed on it, along with any special rules
that those units gain.
Here is where it states that only units within the formation gain the special rules, which is fine, when you may get rules like Fearless which works when it's "one or more models", but not when you've got rules like Fleet ("composed entirely of models").

Now, in regards to the Command Bonuses for Detachments;

"Command Bonuses;
This [section of the Detachment] lists any additional bonuses or special rules that apply to some, or all, of the units in this Detachment."

Basically, these apply to all units within the detachment, unless it states otherwise.

Now, in regards to IC's from other detachments getting the special rules from the detachment, if it states "models", it obviously only effects the models. If it says Units, there are two camps here, both completely RAW legal;

"While an Independent Character is part of a unit, he counts as part of the unit for all rules purposes, though he still follows the rules for characters."

then there is this rule

"When an Independent Character joins a unit, it might have different special rules from
those of the unit. Unless specified in the rule itself (as in the Stubborn special rule), the unit’s special rules are not conferred upon the Independent Character, and the Independent Character’s special rules are not conferred upon the unit. Special rules that are conferred to the unit only apply for as long as the Independent Character is with them."

These two are in direct opposition to each other; one saying you count as a unit for all purposes, and the other saying that unless the rule applies explicitly to all models in the unit, it does not work.

There is no RAW argument around either way.

However; in regards to the Nemesis Strike Formation; there is a special rule that explicitly applies for them; "Can use modifiers and re-rolls that apply to Reserve Rolls that are granted by a Battle Brother’s model." The modifier is as a special rule that applies to the Battle Brothers unit and hence the models in that unit.

Now, that said, my personal take on it (the worth of my opinion being that I've had the least 15 years playing the game, and I work with contracts law), is that the ban on special rules carring over prevents you from joining a unit with Furious Charge and then said character trying to gain Furious Charge, and that it's a fucking awfully worded rule that came from some fuckwit attempting to be a rules lawyer and impress the bosses by preventing a potential oversight (which was never there in the first place).

So, to reiterate; a rule applying to an entire unit applies to all models in the unit, unless it explicitly says otherwise; check out Enfeeble for example; the Psychic Power affects "the target unit", using the thinking about, Enfeeble wouldn't affect enemy IC's attached to enemy units". (Good question trying to work out a unit made up entirely of IC's though!), or Prescience, or pretty much any Psychic Power.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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