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Warning: Restricted by Ordo Hereticus
Warning: Restricted by Ordo Mallus
Warning: Level Magenta Required
Warning: Excomunitus Traitorius

Name: Ice Drakes and Children of The Devine Emperor
Former: Salamanders and Inquisitorial Troops
Leaders: Nercolord Fafnir(Former Librarian) and Mistress Onyxia (Former Hereticus Inquisitor)
Fleet: Space Marine Battle Cruiser; Frost Belcher(Formerly Vulcan's Flame) Inquisitorial Black Ship; Garden of Pleasure (Formerly Saints' Blessing),many fighter and bomber wings, and 3 Frigates; Sloane's Pleasure, Nurgle's Gift, and Pleasure of Nurgle.
Numbers: 50,000 Zombies (Former PDF,IG, Citizens, and others), 200 Marines (60 Former Salamanders(20 original), others are mis.), 2,000 Cultists, 500 Guards (Former Inquisitorial Guards
Gods: Nurgle and Slaanesh (Guards and Cultists only)

*Image Corrupted*
*Attempting to Recover*
*Attempt Failed*

Inquisitor Onyxia had been a long time ally of the Salamanders chapter before the Insurrection of Kori, an ice planet with large amounts mineral resources. After a four year long stalemate and increase in reports of chaos worship among the traitors, overhearing these reports Onyxia arrived on Kori to find the leader and investigate what caused the corruption of the planet. After 3 months of investigation she found a site that showed evidence of being the source of the corruption, the inquisitor set up a camp in an attempt to find what the heretics were looking for. After 3 long weeks and constant losses through heretic raids on the camp Inquisitor Onyxia requested aid from the Salamanders.

*Notice Audio and Video file found*
*Would you like to view....Y/N*
*Warning: Viewing this video without authorization of Ordo Mallus will result in immediate termination*
*Continue? Y/N*

A figure stands in front of the camera source covered from head to toe in a thick fur robes, the figure stands at about 5'7". The figure turns around, reveling the young, cold pale face of Inquisitor Onyxia, speaking to an off camera character, "Have they sent word on their ETA?"
“Yes my lady! They should be breaking the cloud cover any mo-” The voice cuts off as the sound of thrusters dominates drowns everything out. A green thunder hawk descending through the clouds. After a couple of seconds the thunder hawk lands 100ft in front of the Inquisitor, the snow around the thunder hawk has melted and the it sinks slightly into the fresh mud. The front ramp falls down revealing a man standing 7 feet tall in green power armor, on his shoulder pad is a white dragon head

The Giant stops with in arms reach of Onyxia and removes his helmet, revealing a young but war scared face, his eyes glowing with unnatural powers.
The giant salutes Onyxia and begins to speak, "Lady Onyxia, as you requested the chapter has sent me and my brothers have arrived to help you."
"It's about fraking time you got here, I sent the request 4 months ago. What are you rubbing you engines with tortoise blood?" yells Onyxia taking a step forward.
The giant takes a step forward and moving his hand up to hit her.
"It's good to see you again," laughs the giant patting her on the shoulder.
"I'm glad you weren't to busy to help me, Fafnir."
"Why must I always save you from your impossible tasks?"
"As I remember it the last one was your fault."
"Me and my brothers would of gotten out of it!"
"By what taking shelter in that cave while the heretics brought it down around?" asks a man walking towards them.
"Is that you Corprol Martin?"
"Major Martin now."

Sorry I haven't added much, but after typing up 5 essays in a 2 days, I didn't really feel like typing.


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nice idea grouping IG and SM into one unit,
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