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Part 3: Heroes of the Chapter

The Ice Claws are currently led by its fourth Chapter Master: Tedathalan, called "the Bearclaw" for his custom pair of lightning claws that he wields with animal ferocity. He has led the Narisa Astartes for one and a half centuries. Chapter rumor hints that he has some sort of connection with the mysterious Eldar. Some stories heard by novices during their training claim that he was found as a babe outside the fortress-monastery of Hibernatus, despite the fact that it is patently impossible for an unprotected human, much less an infant, to survive the frigid conditions. Others say that although Tedathalan is not a trained Librarian, he is secretly a psyker, with his formidable combat skills actually aided by hidden talents imbued by the Eldar. Whatever the truth, the Chapter Master has never addressed the rumors surrounding him, and none of his battle-brothers would dare to dream of asking him directly. As befits an Adeptus Astartes Chapter Master, Tedathalan is a master of all forms of combat. He was lauded for his marksmanship many times while climbing the ranks, and is also adept at tactics that prevent routed foes from fleeing his wrath. Tedathalan’s legend was cemented while he was a member of the previous Chapter Master’s personal retinue. During a fight against Chaos forces, the Lord of Change Inruk attempted to open a portal back to the Empyrean and flee the combat. Tedathalan pursued Inruk through the Warp gate and slew the greater Daemon in single combat. He returned through the dissipating portal bearing Inruk’s head and a cracked green gem that had crowned the demon’s staff as trophies. To this day, Tedathalan will not speak about what happened on the other side of the Warp gate.

Tedathalan is assisted and advised in his leadership by his long-time friend and the master of the chapter's Reclusium, Phabeulon, Master of Sanctity. A former resident of Oris who drew the Astartes' attention for his determination and will as a Guard Whiteshield when he stood alone against an onrushing Ork, Phabeulon underwent his novitiate with the man who would eventually become Chapter Master. The two have fought side-by-side for centuries, even after Phabeulon's ascension to the ranks of the Chaplains. Phabeulon has always spiritually guided his battle-brothers from the front lines, standing at the forefront of many of their greatest battles. He is best known for dealing the deathblow to an Ork Stompa with his Crozius Arcanum while blinded and deafened by explosions that had overwhelmed even his armor's autosenses. Outside of battle, Phabeulon spends much of his time poring over the tomes in the chapter's Librarium as well as ministering to his battle-brothers and teaching them the chapter's rites of combat.

Junoson is the Ice Claws' Chief Librarian. His psychic might is unmatched within the chapter, able to boost the combat effectiveness of his battle-brothers while hindering their enemies, as well as to peer through eddies of the Warp to glimpse the future. Junoson's ability to interfere with foes' ability to fight effectively is legendary within the chapter. He can cause the environment to rise up against his enemies, while his psychic energies assault their minds. It is not uncommon for lesser minds to break under this strain, allowing Junoson to exert his own will on the creature and turning it against its former allies. The Chief Librarian is also able to cloak his presence and the presence of others, allowing small strike forces to move undetected through armies of the foe in order to engage their leadership. Junoson has a near-perfect, encyclopedic knowledge of the chapter's history, especially its combat record and tactics used in specific engagements. Company captains often consult with him on strategy concerning whatever foe they are preparing to face.

As a chapter largely dedicated to the protection of a Forge World and its affiliated planets, the Ice Claws maintain very good ties with the local branch of the Priesthood of Mars. Their Master of the Forge, Pachus, spends much of his time on Shiong, delving into the secrets of the machines that he so loves. As the chapter's Techmarines and servitors are sufficient to handle the day-to-day maintenance of the Ice Claws' equipment and vehicles, Pachus is generally only recalled to Hibernatus after a large battle that has damaged a significant portion of the chapter's armored assets. On those occasions, he is guaranteed to berate the vehicles' operators for allowing such damage to mar his beloved Machine Spirits. As soon as he is done chewing out the troops, he immediately rushes to begin work on repairing the war machines, constantly muttering imprecations against their drivers under his breath. On the field of battle, Pachus stays as close to his charges as possible, so that he can pacify and fix any wounded Machine Spirits as quickly as he can. His servitors, however, are programmed to seek out whatever foes who dare to target the gifts of Mars. In those rare occasions when all of the war machines in a battle are rendered inoperable, Pachus has been known to fly into terrifying rages, where he charges head-long at those he views as responsible for the damage to his charges, laying about him with power axe and servo-arms. Several squads of Ork Tankbustas and traitor Guard have met their end this way.

Skall is the 10th Company Captain, the Master of Recruits. He actually began service a few decades before either Tedathalan or Phabeulon. Skall is very hands-on when it comes to the recruits under his care. He leads many of their training sorties into the jungles of Forimos personally, where he instructs the novices in the ways of stealth and combat. Dressed in a full suit of power armor, he somehow can remain as undetectable as even the best trainees in Scout armor. A master of close combat, the 10th Company Captain shows his charges how to sneak up on enemies and dispatch them quickly with a well-placed knife to the throat or a shotgun blast to the head. He also teaches them the arts of self-defense, which they will inevitably need during their service in the Astartes, be it with combat blade, chainsword, or power weapon.

Assisting Skall in training the chapter's recruits is Benjen, the Ice Claws' best sharpshooter. The senior scout sergeant has held his position for two centuries, and has earned just about every honor the chapter can bestow when it comes to firing precision. While Skall teaches recruits the art of moving in stealth and dispatching foes up close, Benjen instructs them in mastering the ability to stay immobile and hidden, dealing death from a distance. His marksmanship is legendary within the chapter, and he is rumored to be able to pull off headshots with any weapon, at any range. His patience is also seemingly without limit. He is more than able to remain motionless for days at a time, waiting for the perfect shot to present itself.

The most senior of the Ice Claws’ Apothecaries is Tai. As such, he has the grave responsibility of monitoring the chapter’s potential recruits to ensure that they are genetically compatible with the gene-seed, and to see that those deemed worthy survive the implantation process. Under Tai’s expert guidance, nearly all of the chapter’s aspirants have made it through the traumatic process of becoming a Space Marine. When he’s not occupied with the recruits, Tai can often be found consulting with the chapter’s Techmarines, and its allies on the Forgeworld. He is very interested in the development of better augmetics and prosthetics that will be used on Marines wounded in combat. Tai wants the very best for his injured battle brothers, so at the very least they are as capable in combat as before they were hurt, or even perform better after receiving the latest in bio-tech.

Leeyat was one of the first Narisans to be recruited to the chapter upon its founding. He impressed the proctors at the first Trials, overcoming every obstacle presented to him. Upon receiving his power armor, he was immediately made the sergeant of his squad. He was well on his way to making company captain when he ran afoul of the Dark Eldar. The xenos made a slave-raid in the Narisa system, trying to take advantage of the chaos left behind by the recent Waaagh! to humans and orks alike. The Dark Eldar were driven off, but Leeyat was hit by a neural scourge that burned out most of the nerve endings in his skin, leaving him largely numb to the sensations of the outside world. He continued to serve well in the Ice Claws, but without the same distinction and potential that had caught the eyes of chapter command years before. A century later, Leeyat was crushed by a rampaging Squiggoth, shattering his limbs and cracking even his enhanced rib cage. On the verge of death, it was decided that Leeyat would be the first of the chapter’s new Dreadnoughts. Now interred in the walking sarcophagus, he is even more cut off from the outside world. The former marine’s only stimulus now comes through the mind impulse unit that lets him interface with his Dreadnought armor, allowing him to vicariously feel the roar of the guns and the sensations of an Ork being crushed within his metal grasp.
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