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Part 1 can be found here

Part 2: Battles and Campaigns

In the seven hundred years of the Chapter's existence, it has participated in some conflicts of galactic import, including the Sabbat Worlds Crusade and the Wars for Armageddon.
At the request of the Departmento Munitorum, a battle company was sent to assist Warmaster Slaydo in reclaiming the Chaos-infested Sabbat worlds, in the same Segmentum as Narisa. The Ice Claws battle-brothers held great respect for the Warmaster, and worked closely with him and his staff during the Crusade. However, after Slaydo’s death in the 11th year of the campaign on Balhaut, the working relationship fell apart with his successor. While the new Warmaster, Macaroth, was every bit as able as Slaydo, his tactics varied greatly. Macaroth was an Imperial Guard commander through and through, and largely sidelined the Adeptus Astartes that had elected to join the Crusade. So, after a few more light missions, the majority of the Ice Claws battle company decided to leave Macaroth to his own devices. A handful of Ice Claws stayed behind, largely to assist those Guard battalions they had fought beside that had earned their respect.

The outbreak of the Second War for Armageddon prompted the largest mobilization of the Ice Claws strength ever seen. Knowing full well the devastation that a full-blown Waaagh! could cause, the Narisa space marines sent 2 battle companies long with elements of several of the reserve companies to contain the Ork onslaught. Strangely, Narisan Orks somehow caught wind of the Waaagh! led by Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka and managed to join it. Through some esoteric mix of greenskin technologies that would surely only work for the Orks, the Narisan Orks managed to board a Space Hulk. They made planetfall on Armageddon among the legions of other greenskins, itching for a fight. So it was that Ice Claws and their hated foes fought each other on a distant planet light-years from home. Partially due to the Ice Claws’ expertise against the Orks, the Imperial forces were eventually successful in driving the greenskins from Armageddon. Commissar Yarrick set out to cleanse nearby worlds of their Ork conquerors. Several squads of Ice Claw veterans joined in the hunt, as the mission resonated with the very reason for their chapter’s existence. The rest of the Ice Claws battleforce stayed on Armageddon for a time, shoring up the ravaged planet’s defenses, before returning to Hibernatus.

The Third War for Armageddon broke out a scant 50 years after the conclusion of the second. Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka had returned, with more Orks than ever. The Third War was even more devastating than the last, and the bulk of the Ice Claws were once again drawn into the fight. The sheer number of greenskins meant the chapter suffered heavy losses, alongside all the other Imperial organizations that had sent men into the theater of war. When the Warboss was again driven off, Yarrick followed once more, this time backed by a full Black Templars crusade. As the Black Templars and the Ice Claws share a common Primarch, the veterans who joined Yarrick the first time elected to join the Black Templars to finish what they started. The former Ice Claws put aside the white-and-blue power armor of their original Chapter and returned it to their battle-brothers, taking on the black-and-white armor of their new crusade.


Soon after the formation of the Chapter, Dark Eldar appeared in the Narisa system. With planetary governments and defenses still in disarray after the Ork Waaaugh!, the twisted xenos of Commorragh took advantage of the confusion to make slave raids on Ork and humans alike. As the Dark Eldar employed lightning strikes and hit-and-run tactics that varied so greatly from the foes they had been trained to fight, the Ice Claws initially were unable to muster an effective response to the raids. For weeks, the xenos were nearly unopposed, until the Astartes were finally able to form a defense. After a few skirmishes, the Dark Eldar disappeared as quickly as they had appeared, having claimed thousands of slaves before retreating back into the Webway.

There has been only one serious Chaos incursion into the Narisa system. A hidden cult on Oris used dark rites to open a gate into the Warp, through which a Lord of Change named Inruk led an army of Chaos demons into the material universe. From the cultists’ hidden base in the ruins of the planet’s devastated cities, the demons quickly spread to control significant territory. The incursion was the one time that the Orks and the Astartes ever fought a common enemy, though by no means was there cooperation between the archenemies. While the Ork tribes fought the Chaos demons head-on, the Ice Claws called in PDF and Imperial Guard forces to establish a perimeter that would prevent the Chaos taint from spreading. With the demons corralled, the Space Marines moved in to destroy the Warpspawn and send them back to the Empyrean. It took several months, but eventually the demons were driven off, and the Lord of Change killed. Survivors of the cult that had started the incident were captured and handed over to the Emperor’s Holy Inquisition. Rumors persist that the Eldar had played a part in fighting off the eternal foe, but there is no concrete proof of xenos involvement in the campaign…at least, none that the chapter or the Inquisition will admit to.
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