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Evening Herestics,

As many of you will know, over the last couple years I've been creating my own wargame called The Icarus Project, and having minis produced for it (some of you might even remember the first version of the rules back when it was called Eden).

The game is a sci-fi skirmish game with a focus on narrative and cinematic gamplay. The core rules are really easy to learn, but the advanced and special rules allow you to do almost anything you want.

Well today we launched a kickstarter to fund the production of the first two starter sets; the Nexus

And the Alliance.

We're 70% funded already and will soon start unllocking freebies via the stretch goals.

Some of the brand new miniatures included as a part of this campaign are:

The Alliance Outrider

The Nexus Assassin

The Nexus Brawler

And the female Alliance Trooper

The beta rules are available to download for free on the campaign page, and there's plenty more pictures of pretty painted minis.

Head over and take a look: http://kck.st/2cDI7lc

Much love
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