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IA13 Regular Edition Released

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Well, it's finally out for those of us heretics who wanted the book but not the collectible edition:


Still almost as expensive! Didn't see that coming... oh well. Hopefully I'll get it one day!

That is all.
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I read about the new upgrades available to Hell Talons, making it a really nice anti-air interceptor. And I think I saw something about Hellfire rounds for tanks? This makes me curious... especially if you can add them to Helstorm Autocannons! :p
The relic pred can get ap3 ammo for the autocannon. Most others can get malefic ammo that gives it rending for heavy bolters.
The hell blade and talon start with reaper autocannons but can replace them with helstorm autocannons what is just gives them 3 shots rather than 2 and also gives you rending.
hellstorm autocannon are what makes the hellblade better than the haldrake imo. at 115 pts with 5++ and replacement move, you can't beat it! ALso, malefic ammo is frigging overpriced: heavy bolters are a shitty weapon and you pay an average of 35 pts (depending on the model) to have 1-2 rending heavy bolters...how cool. blah
Unless blast, ap3 autocannon preds are wasted. Why you are firing a lowly BS4 assault 2 weapon at marines in the first place makes no sense.

well, vaz, there are lots of small number marines units, such as 5 bikers units, devastators, msu tac squads... still sub par, but situationally useful. good for list tailoring at least.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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