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IA13 Regular Edition Released

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Well, it's finally out for those of us heretics who wanted the book but not the collectible edition:


Still almost as expensive! Didn't see that coming... oh well. Hopefully I'll get it one day!

That is all.
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A good reason to want it is the Vehicle Upgrade that means it has pref enemy tau (what is ok but nothing great), but also allows you to reroll Sieze the Initiative or force your enemy to reroll it. VERY TASTY! Espesially for something like the cost of a couple of CSM Marines.
Until then, if any of you need anything from the tome, just PM me. I can send you a screen of the vehicle/monster you want to know about :)
So not just going for the cryptic clues one that everyone else seems to use for the points and stats of things without technically breaking any laws.

Aka : Armour and HP same as a Chimera, Autocannon Turret, Heavy Bolter Sponsors. Costs the same as 3 Chosen CSM with Flamers. Can upgrade sponsors to las cannons for the same cost as a power weapon.
Though TBH battlescribe tends to do a great job of giving most people the info, just not what is so special about their rules. Most of the time with those though you can load up a review somewhere that tells you what it does.
Personally I think the additional rules for vehicles are mostly to be ignored. I think I will take the seize the initiative one almost every time.
Though the Sicarus is a nice tank :)
Does this thing have any rules for Chaos Knights?
Sadly not :(

Though at Fest 1 person on one of the forums reported that they were rather sketchy when talking about possible conversion kits, and no one utterly denied a conversion kit.
HOWEVER the rumour I got as did several others. Was that the new Chaos Codex was likely to be before the middle of next year, and they might have their own thing included in that book, such as a Daemon Engine, or Daemon Knight of some form that will have it's own stuff.
2 of the guys I spoke with also seemed to say that 'in house' they tend to allow Imperial Knights in CSM armies as Battle Brothers because they must still have some.

The knight in that movie also has a great big Eye of Horus on each of his legs, so might be sooner :)
Neffy the BS3 one was a misprint, there is also a unit listed as having Flakk armour by mistake as well as they have the option to buy sub flakk.
i think i made a post somewhere with those and also a few other bits like the demagogue only has to be the leader of that FOC to gain the benefits of his covern / dicipline. Though you may still only have 1 decipline.
The relic pred can get ap3 ammo for the autocannon. Most others can get malefic ammo that gives it rending for heavy bolters.
The hell blade and talon start with reaper autocannons but can replace them with helstorm autocannons what is just gives them 3 shots rather than 2 and also gives you rending.
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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