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Seriously, what the hell Forgeworld? At least half a dozen weapon profiles are missing, and the legacies of ruin section ... I guess Slaaneshi worshipers just get a kick in the nuts?

Vessel of Shyak the Seeker - "ENEMY UNITS within 12" with an icon of excess roll an extra dice & discard the lowest for Ld based checks" ... shouldn't 'with' read 'of'? This rule seems to negatively impact slaaneshi units only & that directly conflicts with the flavor text...

where are the profiles for Magna-melta cannons? Plasma-destroyers? Titan weapons?

How do you snapfire a bomb?

The forgeworld downloads page doesn't seem to include any FAQ or errata for this book after a year. Is there anywhere to go to get clarification on that Legacy? How to snapfire a bomb or to download the missing weapon profiles? Any help would be appreciated. My Emperor's Children sure would love some of that help that Khorne and Nurgle managed to find in their legacies of ruin...

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All bombs that I have seen use a blast template. Ergo, all bombs are blasts, and blasts cannot be snapfired. I guess the thinking is that if you have jinked, you've thrown your far future ww2 style bomber out of his bombing run and therefore can't complete the attack.

But to actually answer your question, I don't know but FW are well known for providing friendly and helpful advice to customers, why don't you politely word them an email with your questions for an answer that you can print off and insert into your IA13?
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