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IA: Stormhunters 2nd Draft Crunch

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Here is the crunch for my homebrew chapter, the Stormhunters, the fluff for which can be found here. This page also includes additional fluff for new units, as well as fluff for special characters included on the fluff page. However, these rules have JUST been updated for 6th Edition. Let me know what you think! My TT rules-fu is not strong and I'm trying my best to keep these homebrew rules from being OP, so I'll take all the help I can get!

Army List
Stormhunters Chapter Tactics

Despite having abandoned the Codex Astartes as a strategic and tactical guide, the Stormhunters remain a deadly and pragmatic force, given to stealth and ambush more than foolhardy feats of valor.
· A Stormhunters army may not take Terminator or Assault Terminator squads, nor may they take a Terminator Captain as an HQ choice. In addition, Chaplains and Librarians may not take Terminator armor.

· A Stormhunters army may not take Assault or Devastator Centurions. These are replaced by Stormhunters Centurions, below.

· Since they are captains, the special characters Saren Andalusius and Mordalius Pilate (described below) may take Command Squads as normal.

· Tactical Squads and Sternguard Veterans may take the Scouts rule for free.

· Assault Squads and Vanguard Veterans benefit from the Hit and Run rule.

· Stormhunter Scout Sergeants take the place of the Scout Sergeants in Codex: Space Marines. See below.

· Challenge Denied: The Stormhunters scoff at the challenges of enemy leaders, refusing to lose their temper in the face of their taunts. If you refuse a challenge issued by your opponent, roll d6. On a 4+, the assault continues as though the challenge was never issued, and your opponent may not issue another challenge in the same assault.

· The Stormhunters Allies Matrix is as follows:

*Space Marine armies using the Ultramarines Chapter Tactics are considered Allies of Convenience instead.

·In addition to those choices present in Codex: Space Marines, a Stormhunters army may choose the following special units below.​


Foe Hunters comprise most of the chapter veterans of the 1st Company, taking the place of Sternguard veterans in a typical Codex chapter. Each one answers directly to the 1st Company Captain, Saren Andalusius; they technically answer to Theridus as well, but as “Theridus” is of their number, it is irrelevant. Masters of stealth and deadly marksmen, they sometimes work alone, typically assassinating minor alien leaders such as Nobz or Shas’el. More often they are gathered into squads of ten to hunt down larger targets – Warbosses, Farseers, etc.

A 1st Company Veteran may only be bestowed the rank of Foe Hunter after 20 years' cumulative worth of fighting against a specific alien species. This species is chosen at the very beginning of his ascension to the rank of Foe Hunter, and the decision may not be changed after it has been made, although a Foe Hunter may spend another 20 years studying and fighting another alien species after that 20-year period.. The 20 years of 'training' for a Stormhunter involve mentoring of a 1st Company Veteran by a fellow Foe Hunter.

The veteran is taught how best to use cover and stealth to achieve his ends. In a few respects this is similar to the training Neophytes receive as Scout Marines, but using stealth in Space Marine power armor is much different and much more difficult than it is when in a Scout's carapace armor. For that reason, many Foe Hunters take to having their armor modified with stummers and other wargear to keep them from being detected. This modified armor is known as Furtim armor and Scout Sergeants, which I will describe later, are outfitted with the same armor.

Foe Hunters have access to the Stormhunters armory and reclusiam in almost its entirety. There are only three things that they do not normally have access to; bikes, jump packs, and Terminator armor. On the establishment of the Foe Hunters, Theridus decreed that “nothing shall interfere with the accomplishment of their unsung task.” I can only assume that the present-day Foe Hunters have taken this decree literally, and view jump packs and bikes as hindrances to quiet infiltration. Meanwhile, Terminator Armor is in such low numbers that it is reserved entirely for Theridus’s Companions and them alone. Nevertheless, Foe Hunters are trained in the use of Terminator armor in case they need to take the place of a Companion.

In addition to carrying out assassinations, Foe Hunters also take on the responsibilities normally taken by Terminator squads in other chapters. This includes the boarding and clearing of Space Hulks; in such cases, the Foe Hunters gird themselves in Void-Hardened armor. Theirs is an incredibly dangerous task as they are devoid of the protection and firepower of Terminator armor, but they make due.

Foe Hunters are notoriously secretive in their interactions with other Imperial institutions. The Stormhunters don’t like to admit it, but this has led to disaster in at least one circumstance. During the Junium campaign in 922.M41, the Stormhunters collaborated with the Dark Angels chapter to dislodge an unidentified xenos race from the titular system. The Foe Hunters partnered with the equally-secretive Deathwing in cleansing the Imperial Space Station Cosades of these xenos. The secretive nature of both groups meant that neither group was able to coordinate their efforts, and they soon lost the element of surprise against these xenos. All parties were lucky to have escaped with their lives.

FOE HUNTERS (Elites)…………………………………………………………………………………...130 pts
Foe Hunter 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+
Foe Hunter Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Chapter Tactics (Stormhunters), Combat Squads, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Favored Enemy

Favored Enemy: Foe Hunters may reroll any failed rolls to hit in close combat or shooting against your opponent’s army. If your army is facing two or more armies, you must select which army is affected by this rule. This rule may not be used against Space Marines (including Black Templars, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, other Stormhunters, etc.), Imperial Guard, Daemonhunters/Grey Knights, or Witch Hunters/Sisters of Battle armies.

Unit Composition:

4 Foe Hunters
1 Foe Hunter Sergeant
Unit Type:
Infantry; the Sergeant is also a Character
· Power Armor
· Boltgun
· Bolt pistol
· Special Issue Ammunition (see Sternguard Veterans, Codex: Space Marines pg. 63)
· Frag and Krak Grenades


· May include up to five additional Foe Hunters for +24 pts per model
· Any model may replace his boltgun with:
o a storm bolter…+5 pts
o a combi-melta, -grav, -flamer, or -plasma…+10 pts
· The Foe Hunters Sergeant may take:
o melta bombs…+5 pts
· Two Foe Hunters may replace their boltguns with:
o a flamer, heavy bolter, multi-melta, or missile launcher…free
o a meltagun or plasma cannon…+5 pts
o a plasma gun, grav gun, or heavy flamer…+10 pts
o a lascannon…+15 pts
· Any model may replace his boltgun and/or bolt pistol with:
o a chainsword…free
o a plasma or grav pistol…+15 pts
o a power weapon or lightning claw…+15 pts
o a power fist…+25 pts
o a thunder hammer…+30 pts​
Dedicated Transport:
· May select a Drop Pod, Rhino or a Razorback (see Codex: Space Marines pg. 135 for points costs).

Forge World Note: If fighting a boarding action scenario, Foe Hunters count as having Void-Hardened Armor for no additional points cost.


Like many chapters, the Stormhunters’ scout sergeants are among the most esteemed members of the chapter, responsible for imbuing within neophytes the values of the Stormhunters and teaching them the combat skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Scout Sergeants of the Stormhunters, however, benefit from experimental developments in power armor that allow them to travel and sneak about along with their scouts.

Scout Sergeants go into battle clad in MkVI-F or MkVII-F armor, referred to as Corvus Furtim or Aquila Furtim armor respectively. Furtim armor has been modified to include enhanced cooling systems and, more importantly, stummers in the joints and actuators of the armor. These stummers are powered by the armor’s power pack along with the rest of the armor’s systems. The stummers greatly reduce the noise made by the armor as a Space Marine moves and the cooling systems make him harder to detect via thermal or infrared devices. The intrusive nature of these modifications – techpriests must remove the outer plating to install the devices – and the taboo nature of modification in general among the Adeptus Mechanicus mean that Furtim armor is rare and found only amongst the chapter’s Scout Sergeants.

Not often ones to be denied the joys of sniping targets from a distance, Stormhunter Scout Sergeants often take a Stalker-pattern boltgun to the battlefield. The Stalker boltgun possesses an extended barrel and scope attachment that, coupled with the use of Stalker silenced shells, allows the Sergeant to join his charges in picking off foes silently.

STORMHUNTER SCOUT SERGEANT……………………………………………………………………free
All scout squads in a Stormhunters army replaces its Scout Sergeant with a Stormhunter Scout Sergeant.
Stormhunter Scout Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 8 3+
Stormhunter Veteran Scout Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Chapter Tactics (Stormhunters), Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Scouts

Stalker-Pattern Boltgun: Range 36", Strength 4, AP 5, Heavy 2, Rending, Pinning

Unit Type:
Infantry (Character)
· Power Armor
· Bolt Pistol
· Boltgun
· Frag and Krak Grenades

The Stormhunter Scout Sergeant may be upgraded to a Stormhunter Veteran Scout Sergeant for +10 pts

The Stormhunter Scout Sergeant may replace his boltgun and/or bolt pistol with:
· a combi-melta, -grav, -flamer, or –plasma…+10 pts
· a stalker pattern boltgun…15 pts
· a plasma or grav gun…15 pts
· a power weapon…15 pts
· a power fist…25 pts
The Stormhunter Scout Sergeant may take:
· melta bombs…+5 pts
· teleport homer…+15 pts​


Rammed down the throats of the Magos rulers of Secunda Tempestus, the Morpheus-pattern Dreadnought is a new design effective against mobs of infantry at range as well as being deadly in close combat. It bears two close-combat weapons with underslug storm bolters that can be replaced with heavy flamers as well as two shoulder-mounted Whirlwind missile launchers.

The Morpheus-pattern was born by request rather than on the battlefield, but its birth was just as fiery. In 313.M41, Chapter Master Theridus requested that the ruling Magos put a new design of Dreadnought jury-rigged by the chapter’s Techmarines into production so that the chapter might have a sizeable amount of them. Abhorred by the violation of a holy machine, the Magos refused. Nothing came of it then, although Theridus would continue to push for its development.

Just a year later, in a massive bout of coincidence, the Dark Eldar launched a raid on the Tempestus system – a foolish move in hindsight, but one that Theridus capitalized on. The Stormhunters stationed at Our Beleaguered Home, including Theridus and his Companions, fought off the Dark Eldar at Tertia and Quarta Tempestus, but Theridus would not send his forces to Secunda Tempestus until the Magos agreed to begin producing the new Dreadnought after the battle was done. Secunda Tempestus was guarded by legions of Skitarii, but it appears that even they had their hands full fighting the xenos, and the Magos acceded to his demand. From there, the Stormhunters joined the battle and, together with the Skitarii, managed to turn the tide, freeing many potential slaves and routing the Dark Eldar. The Morpheus-pattern Dreadnought was thusly born, but it would not see use until 384.M41, sometime after Captain Niketas was critically wounded.

MORPHEUS-PATTERN DREADNOUGHT (Elites)…………………………………………………...115 pts
Morpheus-pattern Dreadnought 4 4 6 12 12 10 4 2(3) 3

Unit Composition:
1 Morpheus-pattern Dreadnought
Unit Type:
Vehicle (Walker)
· 2 Dreadnought close combat weapons (with built-in storm bolter)
· Whirlwind multiple missile launcher
· Smoke launchers
· Searchlight​
· Replace one or both storm bolters with heavy flamer(s)…+10 pts each
· Replace one Dreadnought close combat weapon and storm bolter with an Inferno Cannon...+15 pts
· Take extra armor…+15 pts​
Dedicated Transport:
May select a Drop Pod (see Codex: Space Marines pg. 135 for points costs)


Centurion warsuits may be more common than Terminator armor in the chapter, but in keeping with the Stormhunters’ dim view of standing out in the open and being shot regardless of the protection provided by their power armor, most members of the chapter look upon them with disdain. Regardless, they recognize the warsuit’s protective capabilities and have managed to find a way to utilize it without endangering their persons.

The Stormhunters first received the Centurion warsuits in 407.M40 as a gift from the Forge World of Herzog Primaris. When Captain Tzimiskes of the 5th company returned to Dystopia with the new pieces of wargear, Theridus immediately called the leadership to Our Beleagured Home – a rare occurrence in the Chapter’s history – to discuss the use of this new weapon.

This gathering would finally take place in 409.M40, after the other Captains had finished with their prior obligations. Immediately, the council of leaders found themselves divided on the merit of the Centurion warsuit. Each side presented their arguments. Those against the use of the Centurion emphasized the unnecessary harm that may come to a Battle Brother despite its protections – sniper fire and exploitation of structural weaknesses could all be used to quickly defeat a Space Marine wearing the warsuit.

On the way to the gathering, however, the fleet of Captain Arethas of the 2nd Company and Captain Antony of the 10th company was attacked by a warband thought to originate from the Iron Warriors legion. The invaders were repelled, but at great cost – Captain Arethas, a wise and (relatively) moderate leader, was slain at the hands of a Warsmith. Those in favor of the Centurion’s use cited Arethas’s death, and the deaths of the Stormhunters under his command, as proof of their necessity, claiming that Arethas would not have needed to risk so many lives, including his own, had he the protection and firepower of the Centurion.

Ultimately, Theridus decreed that the Centurion warsuits would be used – but not by Stormhunters. Instead, they would be crewed by mere servitors and monitored by the chapter’s Techmarines. Neither side was wholly satisfied – those in favor of the Centurion’s use felt the use of Servitors a waste of the warsuit’s potential, and those against its use felt that now, instead of a Battle-Brother risking his life inside of a Centurion, now a much more valuable Techmarine would be risking his life outside of it.

Even after Theridus’s decision, the debate continues. The Centurions saw much use during the Damocles Crusade as damage soaks and fire support, but it appears Tau commanders quickly learned to target the Techmarines keeping the servitors in check, vindicating the fears of the Centurion’s opponents. In addition, those of other chapters who have seen the Stormhunters’ Centurions balk at the misuse of such powerful weaponry. Regardless, Theridus’s decision still stands.

Stormhunter Centurion 3 3 4 4 2 3 1 8 2+
Techmarine 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 2+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear (Techmarine only), Blessing of the Omnissiah (Techmarine only), Bolster Defenses (Techmarine only), Chapter Tactics (Stormhunters), Decimator Protocols (Centurions only), Slow and Purposeful (Centurions only), Very Bulky (Centurions only), Mindlock (Centurions only)

Unit Composition:
2 Stormhunters Centurions
1 Techmarine
Unit Type:
Infantry; the Techmarine is also a Character
Stormhunter Centurions:

  • Twin-linked Heavy Bolter
  • Hurricane Bolter


  • Artificer Armor
  • Boltgun
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • Servo-Arm


  • May include up to three additional Stormhunter Centurions for +45 pts per model
  • Any model may replace its hurricane bolter with:
    • a missile launcher (with frag and krak missiles)…+10 pts
  • Any model may replace its twin-linked heavy bolter with:
    • a twin-linked lascannon…+20 pts
    • a grav-cannon and grav-amp…+20 pts
  • One model may take an omniscope…+10 pts
  • The Techmarine may take items from the Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists

Dedicated Transport:
May select a Land Raider of any type as a dedicated transport (see Codex: Space Marines Heavy Support for points costs).

STORMHUNTERS CENTURION ASSAULT SQUAD (Elites)…………………………………………140 pts
As above, except the unit possesses the Move Through Cover rule and:

Stormhunter Centurions:

  • Twin-linked Flamer
  • Ironclad Assault Launchers
  • Two Siege Drills


  • May include up to three additional Stormhunters Centurions for +45 pts per model
  • Any model may replace its ironclad assault launchers with:
    • a hurricane bolter…free
  • Any model may replace its twin-linked flamer with:
    • a twin-linked meltagun…free
  • One model may take an omniscope…+10 pts
  • The Techmarine may take items from the Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists

Dedicated Transport:
May select a Land Raider of any type as a dedicated transport (see Codex: Space Marines Heavy Support for points costs)


The Stormhunters are not above using irregulars to their advantage. “Guerillas” is a blanket term for these irregular units, who could be anything from armed rabble and fanatical zealots to PDF forces/remnants and other militias. What they all have in common is that, not technically falling into one of the major Imperial organizations such as the Adeptus Arbites or Adepta Sororitas, they all fall under the command of the Stormhunters. These militias are given some training by veteran leaders, often a Foe Hunter or company Veteran. How much training is given depends on the captain who orders it and the situation.

It is an understatement to say that guerilla troops are not as reliable on the field as Space Marines. They do not possess the toughness of the Space Marines, though what they lack in grit, they make up for in numbers; a Stormhunter captain may opt to use them as cannon fodder. They are not fearless and will flee if outmatched, or even if it looks as though they will be outmatched. Worse is that they are more susceptible to the corrupting power of Chaos than the Space Marines, and though their indignation will keep them from submitting to alien domination, a long campaign can slowly break down their morale. It is up to the Stormhunters’ chaplains to stoke the fires of hatred within them so that they keep fighting.

GUERILLAS (Troops)………………………………………………………………………………………40 pts
This unit does not count towards compulsory Troops choices.
Guerilla Troop 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 6+
Guerilla Leader 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8 6+
Priest 4 3 3 3 2 3 2 9 6+

Unit Composition:
10 Guerilla Troops
Unit Type:
Infantry; the Guerilla Leader and Priest are also characters
· Las- or autogun
· Las- or autopistol
· The Guerilla Leader and Priest have a laspistol and close combat weapon instead

· May include up to 15 additional Guerilla Troops for +4 pts per model
· One Guerilla Troop may be upgraded to a Guerilla Leader…+10 pts
· One Guerilla Troop may be upgraded to a Priest…+15 pts
· Any model may replace its lasgun/autogun and/or laspistol/autopistol with:
o a close combat weapon…free
o a shotgun…free​
· Up to two models may replace their lasgun/autogun and/or laspistol/autopistol with:
o a flamer or grenade launcher…+5 pts
o a heavy stubber…+10 pts​
· Up to three models may replace their lasgun/autogun and/or laspistol/autopistol with:
o an eviscerator…+15 pts
· The entire squad may take:
o flak armor…+3 pts per model
o the Infiltrate special rule…+4 pts per model
o the Furious Charge special rule…+3 pts per model​

The Stormhunters 7th company has a long history of armored assault, even in the face of their status as a reserve company. After the Damocles Crusade, captain Kamytzes formed his own squad designation known as Shock Squads. These marines are assault troops that rode to battle in Rhinos or Razorbacks and are given advanced close-combat training. They are adorned with blood-red helmets, often embellished with skull motifs and other patterns designed to cause fear in an enemy. Unlike other Stormhunters, these marines are not infiltrators and embrace the idea of drawing attention to themselves; they would not be seen until they disembarked from their vehicles, after all, and afterwards they would soon be in the thick of close-quarters combat.

Shock Marine Squads are identical to Tactical Squads except that they may not take heavy weapons. However, models may exchange their boltguns or bolt pistols for chainswords for free and the entire squad benefits from the Fleet universal special rule. They must be assigned a dedicated transport, however.


In most chapters, Company Champions defend the honor of their Company, their Chapter, and the Emperor and defend their Captain from enemy leaders. Among the Stormhunters; Company Champions act more as assassins than defenders of honor. Their task is simple: kill any foe who would dare to challenge them or their Captains to combat. To them, however, “kill” does not always mean “fight”; there have been numerous tales of a Company Champion slaying a foe with but a single swipe of his blade, letting virulent poisons do the rest. Most of them are hubristic individuals, and members of other Chapters see them as everything that is wrong about the Stormhunters.

Stormhunters Company Champions may poison (4+) their power swords for +15 pts.


From the very day Theridus cleared the jungles of Dystopia to make room for Our Beleaguered Home, he has been joined by ten warriors clad in Terminator armor. They have not always joined the battlefield as one, but it has been a rare day when he has been without them at all. These warriors are the Companions, Theridus’s honor guard.

The Companions are a rare ritualistic element in a chapter that normally eschews typical chapter traditions. Terminator armor is rare in the chapter; even the Foe Hunters usually go to battle in power armor. Because of its rarity, Terminator armor is reserved for Theridus’s honor guard. This also allows the 1st company to keep a fallen “Theridus” away from the eyes of the uninitiated; should Theridus fall, the Companions simply pull him away.

Whenever “Theridus” should die, a member of the Companions is chosen to take his place, assuming the weapons, the armor, and the identity of the late Chapter Master. When that happens, a new member of the Companions is chosen from among the oldest and most inveterate Foe Hunters. Unlike those chosen to become “Theridus”, Foe Hunters chosen for the Companions do not take the identity of the members that they replace; keen observers from outside the chapter (such as yours truly, my lord) may find the ranks of the Companions shift whenever Theridus makes a miraculous recovery. All Foe Hunters are trained in the use of Terminator armor, so all that is required upon being chosen is a three-month period of training to refresh one’s memory.

COMPANIONS (HQ)……………………………………………………………………………………...200 pts
You may include one Companions squad if Theridus is in your army. This unit does not count against your HQ allowance.
Terminator 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 2+
Terminator Apothecary 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 2+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Chapter Tactics (Stormhunters)

Unit Composition:
5 Terminators
Unity Type:
· Terminator Armor
· Storm Bolter
· Power Fist
· The Apothecary also has a narthecium

· May include up to 5 additional Terminators for +40 pts per model
· One Terminator may carry the Chapter Banner…+15 pts
· One Terminator may be upgraded to a Terminator Apothecary…+15 pts
· Up to two Terminators may:
o replace his storm bolter with a heavy flamer…+5 pts
o replace his storm bolter with an assault cannon…+30 pts
o take a cyclone missile launcher… +30 pts
· Any Terminator may replace his storm bolter with:
o a lightning claw…free
o a combi-melta, -flamer, or -plasma…+5 pts
o a storm shield…+5 pts
o a power fist…+10 pts
o a chainfist…+15 pts
o a thunder hammer…+ 15 pts​
· Any Terminator may replace his power fist with:
o a lightning claw…free
o a chainfist…+5 pts
o a thunder hammer…+15 pts​
Dedicated Transport:
May select a Land Raider of any type as a dedicated transport (see Codex: Space Marines Heavy Support for points costs).


Theridus is the master of the Stormhunters and has been since their creation. At some 3,000 years old, those who have heard of him and his chapter find it easy to assume that he, not Dante of the Blood Angels, is the oldest Space Marine alive. His continued convalescences make him a near-divine figure amongst the Stormhunters, who are incredibly proud of the fact that their founder still lives, a fact that cannot be boasted by other chapters. What few except the 1st company (and you and I, my lord, as of now) know, however, is that Theridus is long dead, having been killed at Teresa Secundus, and every recovery has actually been a member of his honor guard assuming his identity. Theridus was never seen without his helmet; this in conjunction with the chapter’s lack of company colors made and continues to make assuming his identity easy.

Precious little details are available concerning the character of Theridus, although it can be assumed that he was fanatically loyal to the Emperor. Theridus’s armor, the Armor of Perseverance, and his wide choice of wargear imply that he was stoic, yet willing to adapt to counter his foes. In a rare moment of opportunity, I managed to covertly examine Theridus’s armor, and as it happens, there is a pict and vox recorder in his helmet. Theridus must have valued knowledge of his foes, observing their actions on the battlefield.

His successors have seen fit to use the recorder as well, but much more extensively, recording not just battlefield actions, but the occasional conversation with members of other chapters as well. Apparently, those who have known him for a long time have found him to be rather loopy, suddenly switching from one outlook to another and sometimes becoming belligerent where he once was patient. Of course, those within the Chapter’s 1st Company know that this is a result of another taking the previous Theridus’s identity when he falls, but this may be one reason why, despite his supposed age, he has considerably less influence than he should.

I have approached Theridus only a few times to ask him about the chapter. I admit, I was awed by him in his presence, and he seemed more a walking icon of the chapter than a man; doubtless this is the impression that other members of the chapter have of him. However, he is a calm, patient, and thoughtful individual, but also somewhat detached and fond of speaking in metaphor; it would seem he is fonder of speaking of the philosophy behind the Stormhunters than the technicalities, as would befit the founder of a chapter – all in all, a very convincing act. Of note is that he himself does not often visit the battlefield; usually he resides in Our Beleaguered Home. When the Stormhunters need him most, however, he departs in a Battle Barge, Companions and Foe Hunters in tow.

THERIDUS (HQ)…………………………………………………………………………………………..235 pts
Theridus 6 5 4 4 4 5 3 10 2+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Chapter Tactics (Stormhunters), Independent Character, Orbital Bombardment, Eternal Warrior, Heroic Fury

Warlord: When Theridus is used as an army’s Warlord he does not roll on the Warlord Traits table. Instead he gains the following trait:
Heroic Fury: Naturally, Theridus’s presence inspires the Stormhunters to redouble their efforts; who would dare be laid low in the presence of his founder? All friendly models within 18” of Theridus may reroll either failed BS tests or failed WS tests, but not both. This does not stack with the Foe Hunters’ Favored Enemy rule, but it does allow them to reroll against enemy armies they normally would not be able to reroll against.
Unit Composition:
1 (Unique)
Unit Type:
Infantry (Character)
· Terminator Armor
· Storm Bolter
· Lightning Blade

Lightning Blade:This ancient relic blade is mysterious in origin, although artificers and Techmarines conclude that it is definitely Imperial in origin. A field of lightning arcs across the blade from a strange generator at the hilt. This weapon has the following profile:
Range -, Strength +4, AP 2, Melee, Concussive, Two-Handed

· Theridus may replace his storm bolter with:
o a combi-melta, -flamer, or -plasma…+5 pts
o a heavy flamer or storm shield…+10 pts
o an assault cannon…+30 pts
· Theridus may take a cyclone missile launcher…+30 pts


Saren Andalusius is the taciturn Master of the Foe Hunters, the title given to the captain of the 1st company. When Theridus is terribly wounded, it is he who takes charge of the chapter until such time that he recovers. In 1st company politics, he determines who replaces “Theridus” and who joins the Companions afterwards. As the chapter’s (current) kingmaker of sorts, he is thusly a very powerful individual. In practice, rulership of the chapter is divided between “Theridus” and himself.

In an organization as detached as the 1st company, Saren is the most distanced of all. Even as the Foe Hunters explained the truth to me about Theridus, no matter how much I pressed, they would not let me speak to Saren. Some Foe Hunters gladly speak about Saren, though. It would appear that he is a fan of the clandestine; from xenos leaders and arch-heretics to Stormhunters who learn too much without his authorization, all problems look like assassination victims. This secretive, borderline paranoid demeanor stands in contrast to most other chapters, whose 1st company captains are more…public figures.

SAREN ANDALUSIUS (HQ)……………………………………………………………………………175 pts
Saren Andalusius 6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Master of the Foe Hunters

Master of the Foe Hunters: If your army includes Saren Andalusius, you may take Foe Hunters as Troops choices as well as Elites. As well, your Foe Hunters chosen as Elites become scoring units.

Unit Composition:
1 (Unique)
Unit Type:
Infantry (Character)
· Artificer Armor
· Worn Plasma Blaster
· Power Sword
· Frag and Krak Grenades
· Iron Halo

Worn Plasma Blaster: Saren was lucky enough to uncover a very rare and functional artifact of the Horus Heresy – a Plasma Blaster – while battling the Orks in the Cavalas subsector in 985.M41. However, the knowledge of how to maintain one of these artifacts is all but lost, and the Plasma Blaster has become worn over time and even more prone to overheating than other Plasma weapons. Despite this, it remains an effective weapon.
Range 18", Strength 7, AP 2, Assault 2, Gets Even Hotter!

Gets Even Hotter!: For every result of 1 rolled on its to hit rolls, the firing model suffers a wound. Normal saves apply, but armor saves are taken at a -1 penalty (+2 becomes +3, for example).

· May take the Infiltrate special rule…+5 pts
· May exchange his Worn Plasma Blaster for a master-crafted storm bolter or combi-weapon…free


Mordalius Pilate is the captain of the 3rd company. He is an aged and inveterate leader, his first command having been the Damocles Crusade. At 357 years of age, he is as old as some Chapter Masters, yet he possesses none of their clout on account of being a mere captain, and of a chapter as (relatively) unknown as the Stormhunters, no less. Mordalius is very much a typical Stormhunter, disdainful of the Codex and possessing a vitriolic hatred of aliens. He is a talkative man, eager to explain who the Stormhunters are, their beliefs and their mission, but this also makes him quick to passionately defend their values, something that causes friction with members of other chapters, to say the least.

Even if he should not command much clout outside the chapter, Pilate does command a lot of clout within it. Pilate has a habit of overtraining one or two squads out of those he commands in a specific field, such as tank-hunting or close-quarters combat techniques, depending on the situation they face. Since Space Marines are slow to fatigue, this pays off more often than not, and no matter how hard he is, his troops love him for the simple fact that it brings victory.

MORDALIUS PILATE (HQ)……………………………………………………………………………200 pts
Mordalius Pilate 6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Rites of Battle, Overtrain

Warlord: When Mordalius Pilate is used as an army’s Warlord he does not roll on the Warlord Traits table. Instead he gains the following trait:
Rites of Battle: If Pilate is on the table, all other Stormhunters can use his Leadership for any Morale or Pinning tests.
Overtrain: Pilate has a habit of singling out one squad under his command for special training. One Tactical, Assault, or Devastator squad in an army that includes Pilate can have one of the following special rules at no additional cost: Counter-attack, Infiltrate (what else?), Tank Hunters, or Preferred Enemy (any one enemy army).

Unit Composition:
1 (Unique)
Unit Type:
Infantry (Character)
· Artificer Armor
· Combi-Plasma
· Pilate’s Deconstructor
· Frag and Krak Grenades
· Iron Halo

Pilate’s Deconstructor: This is Mordalius Pilate’s master-crafted Power Fist, awarded to him after he routed a Dark Eldar raid on the Dodekhan Void Station in 872.M41. All hits from Pilate’s Deconstructor are resolved at Strength 10 and add +1 to rolls on the vehicle damage table.

· May exchange his combi-plasma for a combi-flamer…free
· May take hellfire rounds…+10
· May have a jump pack…+25 pts


Apothecary Mezzermius is the Stormhunters Co-Chief Apothecary alongside Adrian Diogenes and responsible for much of the Stormhunters’ understanding of the alien. As Co-Chief, he has the authority to lead Stormhunters of any company but the 1st into battle. A cool-headed, collected individual, Mezzermius cares deeply for his brothers and will risk life and limb to recover the gene-seed of the fallen of any chapter. He does not share the opinions on other chapters that his brothers share – a Space Marine is a Space Marine, regardless of origin (though he is aware of the existence of and despises Chaos Space Marines, obviously).

That said, Mezzermius has a chilly pragmatic side as well. He is fond of issuing combat stims through his subordinate Apothecaries by attaching them to other squads. He is also not above the use of poisons that he himself has concocted. This in conjunction with the fact that he has access to many of the chapter’s relics makes him a deadly opponent. Even that is to say nothing of his skill; it is thought that the Co-Chief is more skilled in combat than his counterpart, but neither have had much opportunity to test such a claim.

APOTHECARY MEZZERMIUS (HQ)…………………………………………………………………..155 pts
Apothecary Mezzermius 5 5 4 4 2 4 2 10 3+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Purity Above All, Master Poisoner

Purity Above All: If you have Mezzermius in your army, any tactical squad may replace its sergeant with an Apothecary. This Apothecary shares its profile with that of the Command Squad’s Apothecary (see Codex: Space Marines pg. 55)

Master Poisoner: If you have Mezzermius in your army, one Infantry squad may have its melee weapons Poisoned (+4).

Unit Composition:
1 (Unique)
Unit Type:
Infantry (Character)
· Power Armor
· Bolt Pistol
· Chainsword
· Frag and Krak grenades
· Narthecium

· May replace his bolt pistol with:
o a boltgun…free
o a plasma pistol…+15 pts
· May replace his chainsword with:
o a power weapon…+10 pts
o a lightning claw…+15 pts
o a power fist…+20 pts
· One of his weapons may be master-crafted…+15 pts
· May take hellfire rounds…+15 pts


Oddly for a chapter that prioritizes hunting the alien, including Eldar witches, the Stormhunters are mostly indifferent towards the use of Psykers. Indeed, Librarians have often proven invaluable in the strategies and tactics of the Stormhunters, providing psychic protection and relocating encircled Battle Brothers in the blink of an eye. Even so, at first glance the Librarium seems distant from the rest of the chapter, just as the 1st company is. In reality, however, the reason it appears so distant is that Anthemius Tzourilas, the Chief Librarian, is keeping it that way.

Anthemius Tzourilas is new to his post, having only secured it after returning from service in the Deathwatch in 983.M41. He is titled as an “honorary member of the 1st company” and so, as befitting a member of the 1st company, is responsible for preserving the lie of Theridus. He does this by keeping other Librarians away from Theridus lest one become overcurious and attempt to discern his true identity, by censoring communiqués between the 1st company from the eyes of other Battle Brothers, and by identifying Stormhunters who know too much without Saren Andalusius’s authorization.

Anthemius is generally a calm and level-headed warrior, pragmatic like the rest of his chapter, though quite blunt. He carries a boltgun or combi-weapon and a force axe into battle, but he rarely uses the latter, preferring when confronted by a menacing melee combatant to, in the words of chapter serf Carausius, “just shoot the fething bastard!” His experiences in the Deathwatch have shaped him to a degree; occasionally, he orders troops under his command to capture rather than kill an individual alien so that it may be brought back for study.

CHIEF LIBRARIAN ANTHEMIUS (HQ)………………………………………………………………….190 pts
Chief Librarian Anthemius 5 5 4 4 2 4 2 10 2+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Psyker (Mastery level 3)

Anthemius generates his powers from the Biomancy, Divination, Pyromancy, and Telekinesis disciplines.

Unit Composition:
1 (Unique)
Unit Type:
Infantry (Character)

  • Artificer Armor
  • Boltgun
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • Force Axe
  • Psychic Hood
  • Special Issue Ammunition (see Sternguard Veterans, Codex: Space Marines pg. 63)


  • May replace his boltgun with a combi-flamer, -grav, -melta or –plasma…+10 pts


Like Theridus, Elias Balsamon has been with the Chapter from its very beginnings. Unlike Theridus, Balsamon did not experience “convalescences” after being seriously wounded facing the Orks on Teresa Secundus. Instead, he was given second life through another, more familiar process: internment within a Dreadnought.

Today, Elias Balsamon is the Stormhunters’ Master of Sanctity, and in some respects, “Theridus” could not have picked a better candidate. When not in combat, he loudly preaches the idea that Theridus has been blessed by the Emperor himself with eternal life to cast down the works of the xenos and bring death to every last alien in the galaxy. Suffice to say, he would likely be devastated by the truth that Theridus has long been dead; that is why he and the rest of the Reclusiam is generally kept out of the loop when it comes to affairs of the 1st company.

Elias Balsamon has also demonstrated a remarkably cruel streak in the form of his Atomizer Cannon, the only one of its kind owned and maintained by the Stormhunters. The Atomizer Cannon is a very rare relic from the Dark Age of Technology that completely obliterates a target, melting the target from within and blowing individual cells apart. This destructive capability extends to inorganic targets as well. Many chapters refuse to wield Atomizer Cannons, finding them deeply heretical and objecting on moral grounds, but Balsamon and the Stormhunters as a whole seem to have no objections to its use; no expense is spared in the quest to destroy all xenos. The use of Atomizer Cannons against mankind, however, is gravely forbidden, and if the Stormhunters should find themselves pitted against another Imperial organization…

Naturally, Balsamon is an inspiring figure on the battlefield, chanting battle hymns and spewing litanies and curses at the enemy. For all of his flaws, Balsamon is an inveterate and powerful warrior and critical to keeping the faith and loyalty of the Stormhunters.

CHAPLAIN ELIAS BALSAMON (HQ)..………………………………………………………………..210 pts
Chaplain Elias Balsamon 5 5 6(10) 12 12 10 4 3 3

Special Rules: Venerable, Litany of Hate, Living Icon of the Chapter

Living Icon of the Chapter: Friendly Space Marine models within 12” of Chaplain Elias Balsamon are Fearless.

Litany of Hate: Even though encased in a Dreadnought sarcophagus, the Chaplain’s ire for the enemies of the Imperium remains undimmed. On a player’s turn in which the Chaplain Dreadnought charges, it may re-roll failed rolls to hit in close combat.

Unit Composition:
1 (Unique)
Unit Type:
Vehicle (Walker)

  • Dreadnought close combat weapon (with built in heavy flamer)
  • Atomizer Cannon
  • Smoke launchers
  • Searchlight

Atomizer Cannon: This horrific weapon is a relic from the Dark Age of Technology. It completely annihilates a target, melting it from the inside out and irradiating the remains. The Atomizer Cannon has the following profile:
24", Strength 9, AP 2, Heavy 1, Large Blast, Ignores Cover, A Line Crossed

Ignores Cover: Cover saves cannot be taken against wounds caused by the Atomizer Cannon.

A Line Crossed: Using an Atomizer Cannon against Imperial citizens is strictly forbidden, and when that decree is violated, opposing Imperial forces…do not react well. Whenever an enemy model belonging to a Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templars, or Dark Angels army is hit by an Atomizer Cannon during the Shooting Phase, the entire enemy army gains the Rage and Hatred (Stormhunters) rule.


  • May replace his Atomizer Cannon with a Multi-Melta…free

Dedicated Transport:
May select a Drop Pod (see Codex: Space Marines pg. 135 for points costs)


The Stormhunters do not have an established history of remarkable craftsmanship or technological expertise as chapters such as the Salamanders or the Iron Hands do, but they maintain a few relics nonetheless. The Master of the Forge is responsible for maintaining these priceless and powerful artifacts and passing down the techniques needed to do so to his successors. Like many chapters, the chapter’s Techmarines are estranged from the rest of the chapter due to their loyalties to the Cult Mechanicus; in the case of the Stormhunters, the Master of the Forge is elected from among the chapter’s Techmarines rather than being chosen by Theridus…until recently.

Vitus Ferro became the Master of the Forge in the aftermath of the Cavalas subsector campaign in 985.M41, during which his predecessor, Catacalon, was slain at the hands of the Mega-Armored Warboss and his retinue of Meganobz while defending the Morpheus Dreadnought Hyaleas. Ferro was one of Catacalon’s students, and in retribution, Ferro participated in the ambush that killed the Warboss, slaying him personally with a blow from his Power Axe after softening him up with bolterfire. Declaring the act “worthy of Dorn and the Emperor”, Theridus appointed him to the position of Master of the Forge.

Since then, Ferro has been in charge of maintaining the chapter’s relics, including Elias Balsamon’s Atomizer Cannon, among others. I have never understood the disciples of the Machine God, but Ferro is strange, even for them. He speaks to himself and others about concepts far beyond my understanding (by his own admittance) in a sesquipedalian manner; his pitch, and the emphasis he places on syllables, varies greatly. It begs the question – if I can barely understand him, how do his battle-brothers put up with him?

While the other Techmarines have accepted Ferro’s appointment, there is some underlying resentment. Here I can see the consequence of keeping the staff organizations so distanced from one another; when one tries to intervene in the affairs of another, there is bound to be such resentment. In this case, the Techmarines, while still paying Theridus his due respect as Chapter Master, resent his meddling in “the affairs of the Cult Mechanicus on Dystopia” as Techmarine Atreos put it.

Ferro is nonetheless a formidable warrior like the rest of his kin, and he brings powerful artifacts of the chapter to the field. One of these is the Plasmatic Claw, a technological marvel of unknown origins. It is theorized to be built and used in the Great Crusade, but there are no records as to its use in that period, or as to how it appeared in the Stormhunters’ armory. Only the Master of the Forge knows how to operate such a machine, and its automated operation casts suspicion of tech-heresy upon him.

The second of his artifacts is the Imperator Loquitir boltgun, an Umbra Ferrox-pattern boltgun equipped with a bayonet with an incorporated power field, as well as fire selectors allowing him to switch quickly between several types of ammunition. Unlike the Plasmatic Claw, the innovations incorporated into Imperator Loquitir are entirely his own.

VITUS FERRO, MASTER OF THE FORGE…………………………………………………………...160 pts
Vitus Ferro, Master of the Forge 5 5 4 4 2 4 2 10 2+

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Blessing of the Omnissiah, Bolster Defenses, Lord of the Armory

Lord of the Armory – Vitus Ferro is the Stormhunters’ Master of the Forge, and if he is included in your army, then Dreadnoughts, Venerable Dreadnoughts, Ironclad Dreadnoughts, and Morpheus Dreadnoughts may be taken as Heavy Support choices as well as Elites choices.

Unit Composition:
1 (Unique)
Unit Type:
Infantry (Character)

  • Artificer Armor
  • Plasmatic Claw
  • Servo-Arm
  • Imperator Loquitir
  • Special Issue Ammunition
  • Frag and krak grenades

Plasmatic Claw: This artifact is an amalgamation of servo-arm and plasma gun inhabited by machine spirits that allow it to fire independently of its user.
Range 18", Strength 7, AP2, Assault 2, Gets Hot!, Automated Weapon

Automated Weapon – This weapon automatically fires at the nearest target within 18” to which it can draw line of sight. If the Plasmatic Claw did not fire in the Shooting phase, then it adds +1 to Blessing of the Omnissiah rolls in addition to the Servo-Arm Vitus Ferro already possesses.

Imperator Loquitir – This is a master-crafted boltgun that counts as a power sword in close combat.


  • May exchange Imperator Loquitir with a master-crafted combi-plasma, -grav, -flamer, or –melta…free
  • May replace Imperator Loquitir, Plasmatic Claw, and Servo-Arm with conversion beamer…+20 pts
  • May take digital weapons…+10 pts
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UPDATE 1/26/13:

-Added the Shock Marines troop choice.
-Like Tactical Marines, Sternguard Veterans may now take the Scouts USR for free.
-Remember, because they are captains, Saren and Pilate can take Command Squads. Added this into the Stormhunters special rules for clarification.
-Saren now has an Iron Halo instead of Melta Bombs.
-Saren may now exchange his Worn Plasma Blaster for a master-crafted Storm Bolter or Combi-Weapon.
-Pilate may now take a jump pack.

I am still looking for help and feedback. Let me know what you think!
UPDATE 3/6/13:

-Now updated for 6th Edition!
-Added new general rules for Stormhunters: Challenge Denied and Abhor Guilliman's Grip
-Added two new special characters: Anthemius Tzourilas and Elias Balsamon
-Greatly expanded Foe Hunter fluff
-Morpheus-Pattern Dreadnoughts may now take an Inferno cannon.

Still looking for help and feedback, especially with this new edition; am I doing it right? Let me know what you think!
UPDATE 6/26/13:

-More 6th Edition updates; Sergeants and special characters are now listed as such, for the most part.
-Space Marines are now Battle Brothers with Stormhunters, rather than Allies of Convenience.
-Vanguard Veterans no longer benefit from Furious Charge if they do not have a jump pack, but they instead benefit from Hit & Run, regardless of whether or not they are equipped with jump packs.
-Reduced Foe Hunter base cost by 10, and reduced per model points cost by 2.
-Gets Even Hotter! now only wounds on a 1, rather than 1 or 2, but armor saves are still taken at a -1 penalty.
-Mordalius Pilate no longer has Melta Bombs, but has an Iron Halo instead.
-Decreased Elias Balsamon's base cost by 10. He can also take a Drop Pod as a Dedicated Transport.
-Added a new special character, Vitus Ferro. This means you are no longer able to take a Master of the Forge as an HQ choice.

Still looking for help and feedback. Let me know what you think!
UPDATE 10/07/13:

-Hoorah for the new SM Codex! The myriad variations in the standard SM army have all been consolidated under the new Stormhunters Chapter Tactics!
-Stormhunters are Battle Brothers with all chapters in the Space Marine codex except those using the Ultramarines Chapter Tactics
-Decreased Foe Hunter squad cost by 10 pts and per model cost by 4 pts; increased combi-weapon costs by 5 pts to match new Codex pts cost and added grav weapons; they can now infiltrate in transports as per the new 6th edition rules
-Stormhunter Scout Sergeants may now upgrade to Veteran Sergeants for +10 pts and can now get grav weapons
-Decreased Morpheus Pattern Dreadnought cost by 10 pts
-Added Stormhunters Centurions. These replace the standard Space Marine Centurions found in the Codex.
-Increased cost of Theridus by 10 pts
-Updated Anthemius Tzourilas to be consistent with new Librarian rules; he may now take a combi-grav
-Vitus Ferro may now take a combi-grav or replace everything with a Conversion Beamer

As always, I'm looking for more feedback and help handling these 6th-ed rules. Let me know what you think!
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