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I Want to Collect 'Nids, how do I Start?

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I have collected a fairly hefty 1982pts of Imperial Guard, and now I'd like to collect an army which I could play it against by myself. Many a good day was spent in the GW beginners class blasting Nids :victory: and watching in horror as Genestealers smashed into my line :shok:, so nids seemed the perfect opponents for my guardsmen.

But, where do I start? How did you start with nids, and how should I? Thanks for your help, forum users!
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Hey, I'm in rather the same position (I have a guard army, and i'm thinking of going tyranids). From everything I gather, they're not the cheapest army to collect, but that's pretty obvious.
From what I have seen from the nids that I have played a good starting pack is either a zoanthrope with synapse or warriors, with genestealers and gaunts (either type) for your troops. This is thor the nids, but it will get the starting job done in most cases.
Nids is going to be the new army I start this yr. I will be getting 3 battleforce boxes and a hive tyrant over the yr.
9 warriors (put all in 1 hq sqd or put 3 in as hq and other 6 as fast attk--find wings for them or leave them as elite)
24 genestealers (2 sqd of 12)
24 spine gaunts
24 hormagaunts
3 carnifex (all hvy or maybe 1 as elite)
1 tyrant (my hq when I get it. move warriors to elite and/or fast attk)

best deal out there for starting nids up. fex's costly on their own.
gargoyles are a great point buy at 12 ea. but cost an arm and 2 legs to purchase. especially to do a full sqd.
You should look at what type of army you want to field; for example, swarm, 'stealer shock, Nidzilla, shooty, or assault.
This will tell you how much synapse you are going to need. If you rely primarily on 'stealers for your troop choices, you won't need much. If you want 300 gaunts, you will need a lot more.
Warriors are a bit tricky. They are not cheap points wise and this gets to be problematic when you start stacking biomorphs. By relying on them for synapse, you will need to field a LOT of them since they are fragile and a canny player will target your synapse creatures first. This is the main reason I rely on Tyrants (one walking with long ranged weapons, +EC, +TS, and one flying with 2 sets of twin linked devourers, +TS, +warp field). If not two, then I will use my Flyrant with a Broodlord (infiltrate as a fire magnet, plus synapse in the front of the battle line). Either way, I like to balance out synapse cover with Zoanthropes.
Remember to check out Zoanthropes - not only can they provide synapse with superior armor saves, they have str 10 warp blast.
Tyranids are one of the most customizable army in the game (if not THE most) so answering these points will give you a better idea of the direction you want to go without buying a lot of minis that don't suit your play style.
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hmm, good point cccp. I just would like to rekindle those days at begginers owning 10 year olds with the Battle of Macragge set
Tyranids don't HAVE to be a horde army. Wait. Do 80 genestealers count as a Horde?
The best place to start is buying one or two battle forces. That will give you lots of usefull troops. If you don't mind doing some conversions, you can even turn Warriors into lictors by adding oversized scything talons and using the genestealers feeder tendril face bit. Raveners are also quite easily done by giving the warrior a set of genestealer scything talons instead of legs, GSing a proper tail and addinf one of those cool carnifex tail ends. Then just get yourself a flyrant and you're golden.
I agree. My recommendation to start off nids (I play them, but you should be willing to pay quite a bit of money):

If you cant spend tooooo much (depends on your opinion of too much, as too much does not exist in warhammer ;) ):
2 Battleforces
1 Tyrant
1 Gaunt box
1/2 Zoanthropes
That is a VERY good starter army, you get: 6 warriors, 2 carnifexes, 1/2 zoan'z, 24 Termegaunts, 24 Hormegaunts, 16 Genestealers, and a hive Tyrant. Great "core"

If you want to get fancy:
2 Battleforces
1 Tyrant
3 Gaunt box
3 Zoanthropes
1 Broodlord
2 Lictors
4 Raveners
This list give you more options and diversity, eg. you can make multiple lists, depending on your enemies style of play/army, and its really a blast to have so many models, eventually if you get a bio-titan off of forge world or scratch build your own, then you got a lovely Apocalypse Army! But lets see here, you are spending around what, $627.15 Canadian, eh?
Now that does not add too much, It's along the same lines as the one above, But if you really cant buy too much,
2 Battleforces
1 Broodlord
1 Gaunt box
Lets touch up on this one:12 stealers and broodlord, 24 gaunts, 24 hormegaunts, 2 carnifexes, and 6 warriors? really, you cant go wrong here. But remember to chose on what you want not what you think you should get. ;)
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Tyranid are expensive to buy but rewarding to play. Depending on the army you wish to field, A Hive Tyrant is a must! They are just too good to pass up! The models are great and can act as a really nice centre piece on the board if painted and converted well. They are flexible enough to find a home in any list - an obvious choice in a monstrous creature orientated list, a key model in a wee gribblies list and useful mobile fire support in a genestealer shock list (depending on points).

Being an expensive army, it is important to plan out the army in advance with care. You need a focus to drive your unit selections. Maybe proxy units before you buy them as it can be disappointing to buy a unit which, on paper, is full of potential but fails to live up to expectation (third ed lictors and raveners being good examples).

A good tip for painting tyranid is to keep the paint scheme really simple. My original army had a terribly complicated paint scheme and so I never got round to painting most of them because it was so time consuming!

Hope that helps and all the best,

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it really depends on which way you want your army. if you want a nidzilla thing, 6 fexes and a tyrant is a small and some ebay ripper swarms make relatively cheap army.

but, if you want the horde thing,

a broodlord or tyrant for hq (broodlord is a lot cheaper £££ and is also very effective gamewise)
then the battleboxes are a good way of getting all the troops you need,
also, zonathroapes and raveners as HS and FA, but they are costly to buy.
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