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So I recently got into the Warhammer series and have been trying to enjoy whatever I can get my hands on. I managed to save up and buy an ebook version of Horus rising. As i was going through various forums I came across a few posts saying that they want to read the books but are afraid due to the large quantities of books and not knowing what to start with. So I had an idea and decided to make a video making an in-depth summary of the books chronologically according the lore which I managed to find online. This would help the newcomers to the franchise or the ones who want to read the books but cannot due to various reasons.
But my over inclusive brain did not want to leave anything out and the summary of the first chapter alone took up 9 pages. So I thought lets make an in-depth summary of every chapter first then compile them later. Turns out I'm too lazy for that so I made a video summarising the first chapter.
I do apologize if some words don't come out properly, English is not my first language but I've been studying it for almost 20 years so I'm somewhat fluent in it, my native language does give me a bit of an accent and you may hear some strange gaps, that's me trying to control my stammering.
Would like to hear your opinions.
Also would like to apologize for the lack of visuals This was my first time trying to edit a video.
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