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Good night!

I left the hobby a few years ago and now I am quite lost... I have bought a drake but... You know... Still good but not awesome...

I am prayimg for advise from the warp's best chaos lords... YOU!!

I am having in a couple of weeks a friendly 1500 points tournament , I will face Eldars, Tyranids, Space wolfs, Orks, Necrons or Grey knights...

I do not know against who I will fight, I just want advise about what I could use to try to be competitive, I have been reading a lot and all the places where I have been they say that chaos now sucks... I want to see it by myself

Thank you in advance for your time if your are reading this lines, thanks a lot.

This is my army, but I do not know exactly how to configure it :_(


Chaos lord x2
Daemon prince x1
Sorcerer x2


Cultists x 40
Chaos space marines x 40


Chosen x 12
Brute x 3
Berzerkers x 12
Terminators x 6
Noise marines x 10
Plague marines x 16

Fast attack

Bikes x 7
Raptors x7
Helldrake x 1

Heavy support

Land raider x1
Obliterarors x 3
Havocs x10


Bloodthirster x 1
Bloodletters x 10
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