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This weekend I am facing an old friend I haven't seen in around 2 years to play a game. We like to have fun but we like to win. I play White Scars as my lists reflect that but since making my bike army I haven't faced an Ork player. (I don't play often anymore) I know he will have part mech and part horde. Last I talked to him he said he hasn't added to much to his army since we last played so I am expecting kans, dread, flier, tons of boys and nobs trukks and battle wagons maybe a couple of bikes as well.

So thanks in advance and here is my list.


Kahn w/bike-150

command w/bikes, apothecary, champion, T.H x1, lightning claws x2, storm shield x3- 255


5 bikes w/ attack bike (H.B), plasma x2 (could go grav) vet Sgt.- 190

5 bikes w/ attack bike (H.B), flamer x2, vet Sgt.- 170

5 bikes w/ attack bike (M.M), melta x2, vet Sgt.- 200

5 bikes w/ attack bike (M.M), grav-guns x2, vet Sgt.- 200

fast attack-

3 land speeders w/ typhoon missiles (can be broken up into to 2 in a squad and the other alone or fly together)- 225

storm talon w/ typhoon missiles- 145


5 man vanguard w/ bolt pistols x5, storm shield x1, thunder hammer x1, power weapons x4 (can also go lightning claws but i figure with power swords i can swing with 20 attacks on a charge.)- 195


land raider redeemer w/ multi-melta- 250

total- 1980

I was thinking maybe drop flamers giving 10 points and giving that squad grav-guns. I have two dedicated assault units, the rest of my bikes need to keep clear of the assault I know that. What should I also be concerned about and should avoid? I believe I bring enough fire power to the fight to hold off the green skin tide so where should I be placing my shots first? I haven't played Orks in awhile so I'm unsure of what target priority should be.

Kahn will be put to where is needed unless he has a clear shot to the warboss. my speeders are going to be crucial with the 6 rockets and 9 heavy bolter shots so I need to make sure they are protected and well the redeemer hopefully will do what it does best and fry a whole lot of Ork filth!

Anything I missed or advice that can be given so I may bring glory to the Great Kahn and The Emperor!

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Unfortunately other then what i listed I have a scout squad to add. So I am kinda playing with everything. the gravs can be used to stop trukks and make them foot slog. He is going to run one or two flyers so I want my talon also I haven't played in a game with it since i bought it
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