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I need some advice for a 2k game against Orks this weekend!

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This weekend I am facing an old friend I haven't seen in around 2 years to play a game. We like to have fun but we like to win. I play White Scars as my lists reflect that but since making my bike army I haven't faced an Ork player. (I don't play often anymore) I know he will have part mech and part horde. Last I talked to him he said he hasn't added to much to his army since we last played so I am expecting kans, dread, flier, tons of boys and nobs trukks and battle wagons maybe a couple of bikes as well.

So thanks in advance and here is my list.


Kahn w/bike-150

command w/bikes, apothecary, champion, T.H x1, lightning claws x2, storm shield x3- 255


5 bikes w/ attack bike (H.B), plasma x2 (could go grav) vet Sgt.- 190

5 bikes w/ attack bike (H.B), flamer x2, vet Sgt.- 170

5 bikes w/ attack bike (M.M), melta x2, vet Sgt.- 200

5 bikes w/ attack bike (M.M), grav-guns x2, vet Sgt.- 200

fast attack-

3 land speeders w/ typhoon missiles (can be broken up into to 2 in a squad and the other alone or fly together)- 225

storm talon w/ typhoon missiles- 145


5 man vanguard w/ bolt pistols x5, storm shield x1, thunder hammer x1, power weapons x4 (can also go lightning claws but i figure with power swords i can swing with 20 attacks on a charge.)- 195


land raider redeemer w/ multi-melta- 250

total- 1980

I was thinking maybe drop flamers giving 10 points and giving that squad grav-guns. I have two dedicated assault units, the rest of my bikes need to keep clear of the assault I know that. What should I also be concerned about and should avoid? I believe I bring enough fire power to the fight to hold off the green skin tide so where should I be placing my shots first? I haven't played Orks in awhile so I'm unsure of what target priority should be.

Kahn will be put to where is needed unless he has a clear shot to the warboss. my speeders are going to be crucial with the 6 rockets and 9 heavy bolter shots so I need to make sure they are protected and well the redeemer hopefully will do what it does best and fry a whole lot of Ork filth!

Anything I missed or advice that can be given so I may bring glory to the Great Kahn and The Emperor!
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There's going to be a lot of T4 with crap saves. Large blasts with high strength and almost any AP value are gold. If he's loading up in trukks, they'll be fast assault vehicles but AV10 and open topped. It's just he can bring so many. He can also bring bikes. Ork shooting is crap. If you can stay out of assault range and bear down a bunch of firepower on him, it'll work wonders. Most ork hordes aren't going to get saves against bolters, but with their toughness and numbers those wounds may not be enough.

If I was to run White Scars against them, I'd forget special weapons all together and run mass bikes. I'd take as many missiles as I could. The krak can stop his kans and trukks, the frag can hit his hordes. I'd forget about flyers all together because I doubt he'd bring enough to do any real damage. I'd also bring as many large blasts as I could fit. Whirlwinds, Vindicators, Thunderfires and even the deathwind on a drop pod.

I definitely wouldn't take a redeemer. He can CC that thing to death and it'll only kill like 10 models. Close combat isn't going to be good for you. Just max out mobile ranged firepower or long range table edge firepower and you should do okay. If you can keep them to just shooting you'll outshoot them all day. Just watch out for skorchas. They can bring like 9 flamers for cheap and their BS2 won't be a factor anymore.
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Unfortunately other then what i listed I have a scout squad to add. So I am kinda playing with everything. the gravs can be used to stop trukks and make them foot slog. He is going to run one or two flyers so I want my talon also I haven't played in a game with it since i bought it
And of course, it's a buddy you haven't seen in a while. In that case I'd just grab a case of beer and tell dirty jokes for two or three hours. I keep forgetting how spoiled I am. I went through a phase where I actually had a formula for buying used armies off ebay and, while still expensive, has netted me a huge collection of imperial armies with minimal modeling, painting, and monetary expense.
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