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I need Skeletons!

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I'm in the process of creating a maquette and need skeletons. Ideally I want simple skeletons, without weapons or armour as the maquette is of a church interior and the skeletons will be used as wall reliefs.

Any idea where I could get such models? Obviously I have checked GW, but their range is far too 'battle ready' for what I want. I've checked amazon and conducted a general google search, but I keep getting redirected to GW. I'm not up on the other model suppliers, so perhaps they have what I need.

Any suggestions?
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Well, the GW skeleton warriors box (5 models) has skeletons that are bare enough that I feel like getting rid of weapons wouldn't be that tough. Otherworld minis has a similar set (and another) that's a bit more expensive (and pewter) but shouldn't be bad for converting either. They also have a few sets without weapons (1, 2, 3). None of this is all that cheap unfortunately. I hope this helps, best of luck mate!
Shit, my bad man –I'm glad it kinda worked out
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