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It would help if we new what your Nid-wieldling friend has but I'm guessing he might be as new to the hobby as you are.

Anyway Nids combine speed and a large number of attacks in the form of Gaunts with a lot of resiliency and killing power where their larger stuff is concerned.

Since you've yet to build the 15 Chaos Marines you've got, make them into Plague Marines (assemble them with Chainswords, bolt pistols and as many hornless heads as you can, then drybrush them with rotting flesh). This way you've got two squads ready for use.

Starting with 500 points here's what I'd go for:

HQ: Terminator Sorcerer, combi-flamer & Doombolt - 130 points.

Troops: 6 Plague Marines, Flamer, Champion with Powerweapon - 173 points.

5 Plague Marines, Plasma Gun, Champion with Powerfist - 170 points.

You might want to add in a Plasma Pistol or some combi-weapons to your champions, but for now I'd leave it until your more used to the game.

At 1'000 points:

HQ: Terminator Sorcerer, Combi-Flamer, Familiar, Doombolt & Wind of Chaos - 165 points.

Troops: 8 Plague Marines, Flamer, Champion with Powerweapon - 229 points.

7 Plague Marines, Plasma Gun, Champion with Powerfist - 206 points.

8 Berserkers, Champion with Powerweapon, Rhino - 233 points.

To round off here pick one of the following depending on your preferences:

Terminator Lord of Nurgle with Lightning Claws - 150 points.

5 Slaneesh Possessed - 150 points.

Again if you want you could replace the Termie sorcerer with the following:

Nurgle Terminator Sorcerer, Combi-Flamer & Nurgle's Rot (this should be quite effective against Gaunts) - 155 points.

Note that both lists are based on what you said you've got. Beyond that it's going to depend on what you stick in your collection as it expands.
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