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Hey Guys... I'm a little new to website forums and all that jazz but I think I can get the hang of this pretty quick here...

Here is that list of random questions, answered for your convenience :)...

-How did you find us?
Well it all started with a google search... and trying to find things on blood angel tactics for 5th edition.

-Your location?
I live in small town USA, not much else to put down... lots of prairies and various deer lol... nothing too special.

-High school memories?
Since I'm still in high school it is harder to fill this one out just yet, but I do have to say that so far my favorite memory is ditching Math to go spray other classes with silly string =P

-Why did you choose that name?
Well being a huge Blood Angels fan ever since third edition, I just thought it fit rather nicely. besides who can argue with a cool name like that.

-How long have you been playing?
I have been playing for a good 5-7 years now, but I really hit it off when I was able to get a good money flow in so I could buy my own army =P (2400 points now)

-Best Memory of a Battle?
My best memory during a battle was just yesterday actually when I fielded a death company dreadnought that just rampaged and ended up killing 4 wraith guard, 10 dire avengers, and 3 deff koptas... It was AMAZING!

-Favorite Army?
Definitely those crimson colored devils! Nothing can stop them and they can take whatever you throw at them... besides they have really cool background too!

-Regular Gaming buddies on the Forums?
None =(... its a sad day for me...

-More about you?
Well I love to play music and I'm actually a guitarist in a band... we are awesome! I'm hoping that we make it all the way to the top! Woohoo!! I also love to learn more about history... its amazing what you can find out... I'm also very friendly and easy to get along with so ya lol

Maybe if I can find some of me lol

Well I think that just about covers me... I will see you all again when I start coming on here regularly... I am out of here :victory:

164 Posts
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Hey Thanks! I've been playin' for a while now and there are times when I really want to play but nobody else does so I hope this solves the lack of warhammer in my life =P
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