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Hello there, longtime lurker, finally decided to post an intro. I'm a Tyranid player (If you couldn't get that from the title) at heart, with Dark Eldar for when I need more shooting and CSM when I'd like to roll an armor save for once.

I'm a horrible painter with no ambition to get better, I usually settle for a basecoat and two colors inside the "lines".

I love converting however, and usually get good reviews on my work.

If you've seen my name before I'm fairly active on TO, I occasionally post on Warpshadow and Rogue Market.

I play in the Shreveport, Louisiana area, most of the time, but I travel quite a bit for work. I'm currently in the San Antonio area, so if any SA players read this, drop me a line! Seems like there's quite a few shops down here and I've gotta decide which one to start playing at!
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