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That bike lord is about as good as you could make him. I'd consider a jet bike just for shenanigans or maybe a crucible of lies to go with his 3++ and eternal warrior. But the latter certainly won't fit in your pts.

I would certainly go unbound, dropping the troops for horrors. But we'll ignore that in interests of the tournament.

I think you forgot VotLW on your bikes. Which is a shame because it might mean dropping MoT on the lord.

Have you considered maulerfiends for your anti wave serpent duty? The points savings could get you some horrors and a grimoire. It would also bring more of your army to the front, near the protection of your flying overlords. Though it would leave you really hurting against fliers.

Overall I think it's a very cool idea and am quite interested in hearing how it works. I usually toss a slaanesh sorcerer at any big problem but that isn't quite as reliable as this. Force can always be denied and it's impossible to swing ap2 at initiative order. So usually I just go with the force stave and hope weight of wounds allows for a single instant death to get through. I am however learning that this does not work against the 2+ re-rollable of a Warboss with lucky stikk. Something this hand lord would dispatch of quite easily.
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