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So I have a project coming up for which I decided that an airbrush would be extremely useful [well, it's a good excuse :) ] and did some research... actually, a lot of research.

The first thing was to get myself a compressor; having seen several deals which included a cheap airbrush to do a bit of learning on.

Advice was along the lines that having a tank is really useful. It means that you get a constant source of air without pulsing [where the airflow can vary] and helps remove moisture. It would also need to come with a moisture trap but most do seem to.

I ended up going through ebay, a quick search will show a bunch of deals and mine came in at £85 for the compressor with tank and a couple of cheap airbrushes meaning that I can start straight out of the gate.

Here are the ones I got myself.

Now, my camera batteries have died so i need to buy some before I show you some of the rest of my set up.

I did make a spray booth from a box

Needs some extraction but so far successful in stopping overspray from messing with the furnishings :)

I had a Valkeryie undercoated and kicking around that I thought I'd play on. Managed to thin the paints to the right degree I think. Was overall pleased with the results so far

The airbrush is cheap and it is only really up to the task of basecoating though playing with the pressure can get a finer spray. I also found that the needle wasn't sitting right but will do a post on that and maintainance when I have the camera working.

Since it was up to basecoating I thought I'd try a couple of Ork Trukks using Vallejo Model Air Gun[metal]

Now it may be due to the way I thinned it; but I'm not keen, it came out very glittery looking.

But after using my patented Ork Metal Wash, it looks better

Will need to play more but will try a few different alternatives, for now I think the next stage will be the standard drybrush.

In future posts:
How to take apart an airbrush.
Other kit that i've found well worth it
What I use to thin the paint.

I'll also show you what I decided to upgrade to, and the project this is all intended for.

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Ok, so after the airbrushing thing got its claws into me I decided to buy a new, better airbrush.

Will post up some pics and info shortly but thought I'd show what a little learning and experamentation resulted in.

The Valkerye ended up with several layers while I experamented but ultimately looks pretty good and I've learned a tonne about using the airbrush; so I'm happy with that. Means I felt confident moving on to my next project which you'll see shortly.

Some [probably huge due to the host] pics:

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