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i am the lord of stupidity!

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Hello my fellows lords, ladys, and green mushhy things. i am the chaos lord who has the least scary name ever :D

id like to take a minute to tell you all that i come from a forum site called the speartip alliance. we are often campaigning against the 12thAG. we are a chaos site but accept all xenos aswell. (we just dont like the imperium)
our site is http://www.speartipalliance.tk/
please come in and visit us.

i will also tell them of you :D

ps the speartip is full of freaks so watch out for dribble
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id also like to add that we actually got mentioned by GW durring the medusa campaign.

sorry but i quite proud of that

cheers for all youre hellos. oh and hi Dala'karn
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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