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The guy at the door said something about viagra?


Oh well. Hello everyone, whether I know you from 40Kforums (s'up fools?) or if I've never spoken to you before. I'm a 15 year old long-time gamer from Southern England (da bit wiv all de 'ard nut lads, yeah?). My first contact with 40K came about with second edition 40K, and since then I've been in love with the GW game systems (not literally you weirdos!), especially Necromunda and 40K. I currently have an Ogre Kingdoms army for Warhammer Fantasy, a Delaque gang ("The Philo-sulphers" - that's a pune or play on words) for Necromunda, an Imperial Guard army for 40K, a force of Chaos Space Marines, a Witch Hunter Inquisitor and retinue, and am currently at work on a Blood Pace themed lost and damned force.

I was the captain for my school team in the Games-Workshop Schools League, and we won the regional finals, however due to unfortunate circumstances were unable to participate in the national finals.

I hope very much that I will fit in here.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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