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Abbaddon is the Warmaster of the Eye of Terror. Huron is the Master of the Maelstrom. Also where Abbadon is content in trying to take Cadia, Huron is content on just raiding around his area. I dont think Huron should ever replace Abbaddon cause Huron operates on the side of the galaxy.

The best way I can compare is Norfolk Virginia has the Biggest Naval base in the world, filled with the majority of highranking and controls the alantic. However San Diago is not as big but has as much ships and rules the Pacific side. Same for Abbaddon and Huron. Abbaddon has the majority Legions and DP Primarchs on his side of the Galaxy in the biggest Warp rife. Huron has a Huge Fleet and mass amounts of CSMs in the second biggest warp rift on that side of the galaxy.
Not quite correct, whilst Abaddon is unarguably the most powerful Chaos Warlord in the Eye of Terror- and therefore likely the Galaxy- Huron is merely one of the more powerful Warlords in the Maelstrom.
There are factions in the Maelstrom that contest any superiority the Red Corsairs may feel, the Word Bearers being the most numerous with elements of the Alpha Legion also being (I imagine) contemptuous of Huron's belief in his own ascendancy in that region of space.

Plus Abaddon hasn't lost 13 Black Crusades, he certainly won the 12th and a lot of the Crusade's plans haven't involved toppling the Imperium but achieving aims that will one day allow a Crusade to be launched and topple the Emperor's domain.
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