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So my other lists were alright but I think this one takes the cake on effectiveness. It has a forgeworld land raider in it but its 40k approved and it's not too horribly ridiculous considering the cost of it.

Huron Blackheart

CSM x 8 (x3) w/
CCW's, Meltaguns, MoS, Icon of Excess, Power Weapons, Meltabombs

Rhino x2 w/

Fast Attack
Heldrake x2 w/

Now here's the kicker. Heavy
Proteus Landraider (200 point landraider with two sponson TL Lascannons) w/
Explorator Augury Web (50 points: reduces troop capacity to 8 but gives you scout and allows you to choose at the beginning of your turn if its going to -1 to enemy reserve rolls or allow you to re-roll failed or passed reserve rolls for your side) on top of that, Warpflame Gargoyles, Hull-mounted TL Heavy Bolter (20 points), Havoc Launcher, and Demonic Possession.


The idea is to use Huron's Master of Deception and bring in the two rhino's in outflank with Huron in one of the rhinos and ganking someone from the side while the Landraider assists in bringing in the heldrakes and rhinos the second turn and shoots some things up in the first turn. On top of having 24 CSM's with Initiative 5 and Feel No Pain on the board, I think this is effective for 1500 but I want to see if yall have any input. Proteus Landraider can be found in Imperial Armour Volume 2- 2nd ed.

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*sigh* my bad guys, trying to expand my knowledge base on available models to me beyond my own codex and I overlook things sometimes. You're correct in saying the Proteus isn't available to chaos which is highly unfortunate (as usual for chaos). What confused me was where it says to reference Imperial Armor nine and ten (the Badab Wars) but that's a special kind of mission i guess.

I switched out the landraider for an Aegis Defense Line with a Comms relay, an extra two members in one squad with another meltagun, and extra member in another squad (so its 10, 9, 8 members for each squad), another rhino and 20 cultists with MoN to put behind the Aegis to man the comms relay until my reserves come in.

To answer the question of the dedicated assault unit, I've play tested these slanneshi space marines with FNP and they are fantastic in close combat. The close combat weapons giving them an extra attack and the MoS giving them +1 initiative mean 3 attacks for each marine and they are usually hitting at a higher initiative step than their enemies (or the same one when it comes to Eldar and such). Khorne may give me a few more attacks but Slannesh gives me the ability to hit my enemy before they can hit me which obviously knocks out some of the attack that would have come my way to begin with. The feel no pain has paid for itself every game even though its just a 5+. I don't know if that's just because the Dark Prince favors me or if its as effective as its supposed to be but it works great.
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