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So I got to wondering about the human groups their tech level at the end of 8th ed book, i.e. Bretonians, Kislvite.

Albion IRL: British Celt (Anglos?) Tech: (?)
Amazon (may be myth) IRL:...... Tech: (?)
Araby IRL: (Unsure, General Muslim?) Tech: (?)
Bretonia IRL: French+Arthur Tech: Medieval
Cathy IRL: China Tech: (?)
Empire IRL: HRE Tech: Renaissance
Estalia IRL: Spain Tech: (?)
Kisilive IRL: Russia Tech: Medieval?
Nehekhara (Undead) IRL: Egypt Tech Bronze age
Norscan IRL: Norse Tech: Iron age (?)
Strigney IRL: Gypsy Tech ?
Strigoi (strigney or dead) IRL: (?) Tech: ? Location:
Tilea IRL: Italy Tech: Renaissance, assumed do to steam tank.
Yaghur (ghouls or dead) IRL: (?) Tech: Pre/stone age or scavenger was bronze (?) Location: around Nagshizzar

Anything else you can add? Are Empire citizens pretty much homogenous or are they varied?
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