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Well i am saving up cash and want this stuff gone so here is a full list of my models that just must go!

1 Necron Monolith-$40 *painted*
2 Thousand Son Squads-$40 a Squad *Nicely Painted with GW Resin Base's*
3 Chaos Bikers *N.o.S*-$30
1 Chaos Predator *painted T-sons*-$35
10 N.I.B Original Chaos Marine's-$ Offer
5 Inquisition Henchmen-$30
5 Dire Avengers-$20
10 Necron Immortals-$100
2 Necron Heavy Destroyers-$50
1 Limited Edition Necron Lord (box set)-$Offer
1 Sister's of Battle Exorcist (Organ)-$50
9 Grey Knights(Flamer and Justicar Included)-$40
10 Wraithguard-$120
1 Eldar Revenant Titan-$225

9 Goblin Spiders *No Riders, Painted green*-$10
20 Chaos Marauder's-$35 *N.O.S*
20 Vampire Count Ghouls-$45
6 Flamers of Tzeentch-$45
5 Screamers of Tzeentch-$50

Things i will take other then money

-Almost anything Forge World
-Blood Angel Shoulder Pads
-Any Pre-heresy Marine Bitz\ Models
-Saint Celestine
-Pair of Bloodletter Legs
-Hive Tyrant Boneswords x4
-Anything interesting.
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