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hello heretics, I recently reread the return of the king and was fascinated by all the extra stuff i learned about my favourite battle in lotr, minas tirith and the pellanor fields. i was so excited about it I decided to build a comfortable gaming scale minas tirith to reenact the epic battle with my group. After a few weeks of planning, building and painting, i chose to just make the bottom level because multiple levels would be difficult to manouver models in. I now have a whole front wall and courtyard inside. with hinged-opening gate and towers and houses in the far back. about 4 feet across and 2 feet inside. For the battle plan i read through it in the novel again and watched the movie to record all of the participants, and using mostly every model i own and combined with some from my friend i have come to this:

It starts as gondor defending the castle from the horde of mordor.
Gondor's deffence battalion includes:
Gandalf the white
9 guard of the fountain court
1 captain of minas tirith
48 warriors of minas tirith
6 knights of minas tirith
1 knight with banner
1 avenger bolt thrower

notes: I decided not to have denathor or Pippin because they never really fought in the battle. denathor was insane and pippin was trying to save faramir. bergeond was in this too but i want him in the force cuz hes cool

For mordor the first wave has:
the witch king
mouth of sauron (in gothmogs place since i dont have a model of him)
4 captains
2 mordor trolls
2 cave trolls (which can be used to push 2 siege towers that allow orcs onto the walls)
96 mordor orcs (with 2 big seige ladders)
Grond battering ram. (i made up rules for how to smash the gate and will post it later on) also it needs a mordor troll to move/use it.

So with these forces the game will start, the evil deployment will be distanced from the walls so that they touch it within 2-3 moves (to give the gondor archers some chances).
-seige towers are moved by a troll, ladders must be carried by 2 orcs.
the seige equipment cannot be destroyed, but if you kill the trolls/orcs it wont be able to move.
once they reach the walls the orcs can climb up freely and go fight to gain land.
meanwhile the Grond giant battering ram will have the option to try to take down the main gates of the city.
i made this as the gate having defence 10, 3 wounds, and grond has strength 8, 1 attack per turn.
once the gate runs out of wounds it is smashed asunder and both it and grond are removed from the table.
I estimated it would take atleast 5 turns for the assault to really make progress so i was thinking of 2 options, one is on turn 8 the good reinforcements player can start rolling a d6 each turn, on a roll of 4+ the rohirrim arrive, OR it could be once 20 evil models are inside the city the same, rolling begins. around 4 turns after the rohirrim have joined in the evil players reinforcements arrive.
the two lists are below:

Theoden's host
1-2 captains
30 riders of rohan
-all heroes on horse

evil force from osgiliath
mumakil-with haradrim and all the upgrades
24 orcs

notes: 30 rohirrim sounds like A LOT of cavalry but when i added up the points they come to almost 400, and the mumakil is almost 400, so i dunno. i'm trying to make stuff even. i'd welcome tips

the last part is Aragorn's group. they can roll to come in after turn 12. the game will probably be around 18-20 turns i guess.

Aragorn with anduril
king of the dead
20 dead

the evil side wins if they kill all of the defenders of minas tirith, therefore taking the city. the reinforcements have to try to break through and rescue them. i've been changing lots of stuff to try and make the armies fair, any thoughts? any things you think still need patching up/rules?

my main worry is that it will be too long and get boring for the players or that the forces might not be balanced. i want the game to be fun as it's my first time hosting something big like this. :grin:

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I can definitely see 12-18 turns getting boring before too long.

I take it this is SBG?

It's hard to get two truly balanced forces in a game like this of this scale. The best I've seen was the battle report Games Workshop did back in issue 300 of White dwarf.

As for yours, the starting forces seem massively unbalanced even taking into account Mordor having to siege. Though it might just be the numbers of figures making them look unbalanced as I haven't done a check of how many points they would all cost and I can't remember how much more points the attacking army is supposed to have to make it fair.

Then, the two reinforcement forces seem fair enough, and the Warriors of the Dead that enter later on in the game should bring the teams to be fair again. It's all a matter of whether of not the starting defending force can hang on long enough for Aragorn to turn up.

Though I guess that's part of the fun right?

The best thing I could suggest to you is to playtest it with the armies you've planned and see how it goes. Then you can make ammendments where needed to balance it out.

Good luck and let us know how it goes (and pictures of your Minas Tirith would be interesting to see over in the Terrain section).

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lol ok yeah. it is sbg, and if i find out how i will definately post pics. i could make it so the reinforcements come earlier. like start rolling at turn 6., then the mumakil at 10, then aragorn around 12-14. it would make the battle alittle less as long. yeah about that white dwarf issue my frend has it so i did take a quick peek at it. i might look over it more to see if it has some good techniques, tho in that one it didnt have the reinforcements, it was only about the siege.

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Don't make any changes based just on what I said, just try and give it a playtest and it might turn out what you've got now is fine.

As for posting pictures, if you need any help just send me a PM or something and I'd be more than happy to help out.
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