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I will try to come up with some stuff then;) Sounds like you really want some advice.

The space marine list...
Over all I think its fine, but I see a problem. The librarian are going where?
There aren't room for him in the rhino, so I have an idea. I would maybe downgrate the landspeeder to having only a multi-melta, and then give the tactical squad a razorback and combat squad them. Then you can let a 5-man squad stand back home with the missile launcher, and the sarge(maybe with a fist), the meltagun and 3 other guys, can drive around in the razorback with the librarian.

Thats just how I would run it;) Hope you like my ideas

The Imperial guard list...
He I would do it alot different:)
The leman russ might seem very powerfull, but a plain ordinary one with the battlecannon works just as fine, and is alot cheaper.

The command squad and the veteran squad I would throw into some chimeras and in this case do the CCS with either 3-4 plasmas or 3-4 flamers. And the veteransquad with 3 meltas. This should be able to all this;)

Sorry for tearing the Guardlist apart;) I just would risk those few men running around in such a small game;)
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