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Howling Griffons and Catachan Doubles Tourny List

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Hi, me and my friend have entered another doubles tourny with imperial guard and space marine. It is 500pts, no more, each per player with a minimum of 1 troop and HQ for each player. A fast attack, a heavy support and a elites choise is then allowed, shared between the two players. Extra troop choise are allowed as well, but with no restrictions. So here are the lists, please try to critique the two armies together as they will fight together.

Howling Griffons


Troops-10*Tac Marines w/ meltagun, missile, rhino-210pts
Troops-5*Scouts w/ 4*sniper, missile, cloaks-100pts

Fast-Speeder w/ assaualt cannon-90pts



HQ-CCS w/ 2*melta, vox, medic, camo cloaks, bolter-127pts

Troop-Vets w/ shotguns, 3*flamer, camo cloaks, vox, bolt pistol-122pts

Heavy-Leman Russ Executioner w/ plasma sponsors, camo cloak-250pts



How is this?
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I will try to come up with some stuff then;) Sounds like you really want some advice.

The space marine list...
Over all I think its fine, but I see a problem. The librarian are going where?
There aren't room for him in the rhino, so I have an idea. I would maybe downgrate the landspeeder to having only a multi-melta, and then give the tactical squad a razorback and combat squad them. Then you can let a 5-man squad stand back home with the missile launcher, and the sarge(maybe with a fist), the meltagun and 3 other guys, can drive around in the razorback with the librarian.

Thats just how I would run it;) Hope you like my ideas

The Imperial guard list...
He I would do it alot different:)
The leman russ might seem very powerfull, but a plain ordinary one with the battlecannon works just as fine, and is alot cheaper.

The command squad and the veteran squad I would throw into some chimeras and in this case do the CCS with either 3-4 plasmas or 3-4 flamers. And the veteransquad with 3 meltas. This should be able to all this;)

Sorry for tearing the Guardlist apart;) I just would risk those few men running around in such a small game;)
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