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Hi there, the names Iron-Within. A not so long time Iron Warriors player looking to get into 30k with the same legion, and possibly a loyalist one to boot. Not a fan of fantasy, or Age of Sigmar for that matter, but I did love Battlefleet Gothic when my uncle introduced me to it when I was younger.

Speaking of real life, I'm a student currently living in western upstate NY of the US. 22 years young, a home brewer when not at school, and a north Jersey boy. Looking to give online roleplaying a try, and maybe seek out some online form of tabletop gaming so that I can give stuff a go and know where I want my purchases to go (living on a budget after all.)

Thats a little about me, glad to be here!
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Well lets see, the relatively easy color scheme, the ability to field either chaos marines or traitor guard and it be from the same army (made a bit easier now in seventh edition unlike in fifth edition), no need for marks or people to try and ram them down your throat. Things like that; oh and I find the higher use of ordnance and heavy weapons kinda fun, backed up by terminators and large blocks of regular marines.
Euphrati said:
Welcome to Heresy!

And welcome also to the roleplay section. Hope to get to know and work with you in the coming future.
Thanks! Looking forward to it if darkreever says I'm good to go!

Welcome to heresy! Is there anything in particular that your looking for here?
Some idea's and advice in getting into 30k and online roleplaying.

Why, are you trying to recruit me for somewhere else?
Welcome, Son of Iron.
I am Delvarus, Pit fighter of the XII Legion
So a wimp desperately in need to make himself feel bigger than he is then?:p
Whoah chill, a little hostile I was just saying hi, jeez sorry, if it means anything I'm 6"1 and have size 12 1/2 feet so I have no desire of being 'big'
What darkreever said, calm down man.:grin:

Welcome to Heresy Iron-Within, glad to see a new face.
Thanks! Glad to be here!
Welcome aboard :)
Thanks! This place is awesome!
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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