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Hi there, the names Iron-Within. A not so long time Iron Warriors player looking to get into 30k with the same legion, and possibly a loyalist one to boot. Not a fan of fantasy, or Age of Sigmar for that matter, but I did love Battlefleet Gothic when my uncle introduced me to it when I was younger.

Speaking of real life, I'm a student currently living in western upstate NY of the US. 22 years young, a home brewer when not at school, and a north Jersey boy. Looking to give online roleplaying a try, and maybe seek out some online form of tabletop gaming so that I can give stuff a go and know where I want my purchases to go (living on a budget after all.)

Thats a little about me, glad to be here!
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Welcome, Son of Iron.
I am Delvarus, Pit fighter of the XII Legion
So a wimp desperately in need to make himself feel bigger than he is then?:p
Whoah chill, a little hostile I was just saying hi, jeez sorry, if it means anything I'm 6"1 and have size 12 1/2 feet so I have no desire of being 'big'
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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