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Howdy Y'all

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I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now and enjoy reading the posts. I live in Austin, Texas and have been into the hobby for a couple of years. I primarily just paint my minis and read/study the games. I'm in my 30s and take a tremendous amount of teasing from my friends for playing. I've gone to the local gaming store here in town, but was a little overwhelmed by the people who were playing. I almost have my armies finished, Dark Eldar and SM, and have been tweaking my lists and studying the rules so that I don't get to embarassed next time I venture out to play.

I enjoy HO and have learned quite a bit in the short time I've been here.

That's me in a nutshell.
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Nice to have you on board, kryptixx. I drive through Austin all the time, visiting my mom in San Antonio. Don't let your friends razz you too much...most of those guys started playing stickball when they were like 3 years old, and they STILL watch it on TV! Won't some people EVER grow up? :wink:

On another note, whenever I get the raspberry for collecting...uh...action figurines, I just use the excuse that I'm collecting them because someday they'll increase in value. One of these days, my mountain of lies is gonna come crashing down. Of all the things I collect, GW minis are the only thing that will most assuredly decrease as time passes. I mean, one swab of my expert's paintbrush, and what was once 30 bucks withers into a 5 dollar pity purchase on eBay.
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