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So as we know Daemonkin Khorne came out and from many Rumours that Tzeentch will be next...

Now from what we know from Daemonkin Khorne it seems like the whole army needs marking up, they added no new units but a few formations to make up for it. BUT like with Possessed they gained both Mark and Daemon on Khorne... so lets see what would we get.

So what do you think would be the units that would be in this book as not all made it to Daemonkin Khorne. But interesting things like with the Possessed & Warp Talons would be if they get both they would have +1 to their invuln saves but also if they take the CSM Daemon prince version of the Daemon of Tzeentch would also be able to reroll any saves of 1s. Equally if the Mauler / Forge Fiends / Heldrakes and the like also get Tzeentchs CSM Daemon mark then they gain that reroll 1s on saves.

Would be some interesting bonuses...

Though if they have a similar system to the Blood Tithe it would likely be some form of magic Tithe that builds up.

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Tzeench? Random tables and crappy witchfires. Let's say... random grab bag of special characters, playing russian roulette with Fateweaver, Ahriman, the Changeling, and the Blue Scribes--and in Khorne, only the equivalent of the Changeling made it in.

Possessed/Warp Talons with 4+ invulns rerolling 1s would be interesting, indeed--had already thought about that myself...

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Do Warp Talons really bring Tzeentch to your mind? They don't for me, but then again it is hardly the Rubricae being available.

Seems obvious to have a core detachment and a number of optionals to give you the 9 sacred number, plus one for a greater daemon of 3 magnitudes, i'm guessing a l2, 3 and finally 4 psychic mastery levels.

If it was me, i'd turn the Rubricae into pseudo Sternguard, with a psychic test allowing them to change ammunition types; I can remember the old rules for the inferno bolts which turned my terminator chosen deathstar into a deep striking unit which would drop 20 wound terminators firing 20 frag missiles into enemy units.

Typically expecting a list in that case to revolve around a l4 changer of the ways with a core of msu sternguard and then spam chariots with a Screamer Star (although that is fairly old hat) using CAD Chaos Daemons for the Grimoire.

As for mechanics, I love the counter based system, but I can't think what they'd use to generate it, apart from the usual take the correct detachment for one free. Rewarding succclessfully casting spells is too easy unless it caps at 1/turn, or is limited to 6's when manifesting. I'd suggest sacrificing the ability to generate charge for a turn, adding one per psyker, but that would be effectively a free Changer from t2 onwards. Maybe +1 from each casualty from Soulflame. Warlord Trait = gain one warp charge any time he turns a failure to ar success thanks to a reroll from any source, maximum one per phase.

So I'm not aping Sternguard; requires 1warp charge to change which ammunition is available

Interceptor Bolts; gain Interceptor and twin linked
Inferno Bolts; force reroll to cover, soulflame, or works similar to tesla or volkite weaponry causing additional hits
Altering ammo; monster hunter bolters, if MC is killed by this ammo, then on a 4+ replace with a Chaos Spawn

'Change Points';

3; Soulfire deals d6 hits and increase to ap3
4; grant all Pink Horrors reanimation protocols to replicat the old splitting behaviour.
7; all friendly units reroll failed casts and lose rather than perils, pass ld test or lose 1 ML
8; daemon prince
9; L2 changer

Stuck for others


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Here's my ideas, assuming they'll make some sort of 'Decurion' like they did for Blood Cult.

Sorcerer's Council - Command Formation

1-3 Sorcerers
Benefit: Reroll Warlord, and reroll one failed psychic attempt per turn.

Rubricae Legion - Core Formation

2-4 squads of Rubric Marines
benefit: As long as the Aspiring Sorcerer is in the squad (or a Sorcerer from this Detachment), the Rubrics in the squad exchange S&P for Relentless

Wings of Fate - Aux Formation
1-3 Heldrakes
benefit: shrouded

That's all I've got. Mostly wishlisting, but it at least FEELS Tzeentchy.

Considering that KDaemonkin technically got no new units, BUT did add the new super demon kit from Archaeon, we may see a new super Lord of Change (though I can't imagine it over whelming Kairos).

You'll of course see Screamers, Horrors, Flamers, the Chariots, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, they'll introduce a new Rubric Terminator kit. However, I think what they may do is release a new Rubric Marine kit that can dual kit with a Sorcerer's council or something epic like that.

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So the candidates for the army are...

Lord (Likely but not 100% as they might have a High Sorcerer as leader, such as Ahriman or something very similar)
Sorcerer (100%)
Daemon Prince (100%)
Dark Apostle (Unsure, but probably not going by the fact that even as crazed zealots of Khorne they didn't get them)
Warpsmith (Probably due to the nation of Tzeentch being a tricky guy and owning the 2nd biggest Daemonforges in the universe after Ironhands one)
Herald (100%)
Exalted Flamer (100%)
Burning Chariot Herald (100% same as the Khorne Blood Chariot)
Lord of Change(s) (100% for 1, but I suspect they might do a 2-3 kinds with various buffs or gifts included)
Random Special Char / Chars (Probably 1 of the chars, maybe 2, but depending how they fit the lore it likely would not be Ahriman due to his quest to fix his mates and distrust of daemons)

Cultists (100%)
Chaos Space Marines (100%)
Thousand Sons (not quiet 100% in my opinion, but mainly because they suck ATM, but if not then they would likely have a similar unit)
Horrors (100%)

Chosen (Unsure, there are a load of Chaos Marines that had gone Tzeentch who weren't Thousand Sons, so a possible, but seems like when you didn't get them in Khorne then they probably won't be one of those that make Tzeentch)
Possessed (100% and if they follow the same as the Khorne ones then either 4+ daemon save and rerolling 1s might be on the cards, though probably they will have the weak Daemon Codex one that does nothing for them.)
Terminators (100%, maybe if they play the Thousand Sons thing, as surely some Thousand Sons Rubric out there.)
Helbrute (100%)
Mutilators (I am kinda doubting this one, I don't see Tzeentch as Melee those the whole endless changing thing is one of these guys things. With the running theme of CSM MoT & DoT these guys would be even tougher with 2+/4++ Daemon Saves and rerolling 1s)
Flamers (100%)

Fast Attack
Rhinos (50/50)
Bikers (Also unsure about these ones, again it is a fast unit and it doesn't really fit)
Spawn (100%)
Raptors (Bit of a weird one... If you go for the thing about Tzeentch not being a fan of Melee these guys won't make the cut)
Warp Talons (This is why the above is a bit weird... These guys as I said in a previous post would be amazing if they get the CSM MoT and DoT rules as it would be a 4+ unvuln and rerolling 1s, though not great if they have the CSM MoT and Daemon DoT)
Heldrake (100%)
Screamers (100%)

Heavy Support
Havocs (I would hope for a high chance, even though the MoT would be terrible)
Obliterators (100% cos of being ranged and endlessly changing)
Defilers (Good chance of the Daemonforge throwing these out)
Forgefiend (Good chance of the Daemonforge throwing these out)
Maulerfiend (I am doubting this one, I don't see Tzeentch as Melee, so even though they have the Forge they might not have these guys)
Soulgrinder (Good chance of the Daemonforge throwing these out)
Burning Chariot of Tzeentch (100%)
Land Raider (100%)
Preditor (Could easily see these turning up for Tzeentch, though not being Daemons they might get left behind as there looks like a lot of other stuff around in the Heavy Support role)
Vindicator (Same as above)

Expected possible extras could be like a Warlock unit in an Eldar army, you might be able to buy a few sorcerers to attach to marine units. This could make the Havocs and Terminators a bit interesting.

As for something like the Blood Tithe if they get it, it has to be based around the Psychic Phase. Probably casting more abilities or killing units with psy will generate points. Though the bonuses if done similar to Khorne would be tricky as what could you do? The only things I could see could be
1) +1 to deny the witch
2) Generating 1 more psy dice
3) Increased range on spells
4) D3 spells cast may not be denied
5) Successfully cast on 3+
Then your summon daemons things up to 9

The other thing is what types of units they will throw together to make formations. It seems like half the Formations in Daemonkin Khorne is a mix of Marines and Daemons, though the exceptions being that the Slaughtercult can choose to be CSM only and Charnel Cohort is full daemon. But what goes together.

Thousand Sons and Horrors maybe
Tzeentch might have his own version of the Bloodstorm (Warptalons, Screamers and Heldrake)
Obliterators and Mutilators. this formation already exists in Apoc and they don't get incredible rules, so would be an easy enough swap in.
Warpsmith and maybe 2-3 choices from the Daemonforge such as Forgefiends, Defiler, Soulgrinders and Heldrake.
Havocs and Obliterators, this I think might have a good chance.

The trouble is I think with some of the formations like these you might end up with a sudden shift in power going to Chaos as people could take things like the Gorepack of Khorne for a nice FA unit, a Warpsmith and Forgestuff or a Horrorcult for Tzeentch. Nurgle then gives you a load of something else and so on.
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