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Extremely helpful. Thank you.

Anyway - don't outflank, until you can find a way. I've yet to find it useful in many a situation, other than against Tau Fish shields armies.

You can see my example list in the Space Marine lists section - (2500) Sons of Vazarchy. Basically, it relies on one of two parts of the army to hit hard, while the other 3 sections hold objectives and tie up/annoy squads.

Basically - Korsarro on Bike, Killy Command Squad
2x Tactical Squads in RBacks (can use Rhinos to get more bikes or a Melta ABike if you wish, I prefer the Heavy Weapons, personally)
3x5 Man Bike squads with Meltaguns+PFist
2x2 MM/HF Tornadoes
3x Nude Vindicators

The Vindicators are the usual hitting power of the army - the 600 point Bike Squad is nasty as fuck - it's got something like 25 Attacks at S5 and S9, 24" Meltas with 18" Effect thanks to the bikes, and a T4(5)/3+/3++/FNP to go with it. These bad boys can even give it to my pet hate, MoS Terminators in Daemonically Possessed Land Raiders (4 Melta Shots, followed up by I5 Power Weapon attacks, which can then jump out, then back in thanks to hit and run.

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