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How to Paint Sanguinary Guard

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Hello all this is my interpretation of painting Sanguinary Guard, I hope you find it useful

Start by giving the entire model a base coat of Steel Legion Drab

Next paint all of the Armour with Balthasar Gold, be sure to water down the paint so you do not lose any detail. It may take a few coats but its better to do 3 thin coats than one thick one.
Now wash the armour with Agrax Earthshade.

Next paint the armour with Gehennas gold leaving anywhere that the wash has shaded and leave a fine line of the Balthasar Gold showing through between the Gehennas gold and the wash.

Again add the next layer using Auric Armour leaving a thin line of the previous colors to show the shadows.
then add a fine highlight to all of the edges of the armour using Runefang steel.

For the right arm shoulder pad start with a coat of Mephiston red and wash it with Agrax Earthshade.
now add a layer of evil sunz scarlet leaving a small amount of Mephiston red between the wash and the evil sunz scarlet.
to finish it off add a thin line of Wild rider red around the edge and highlight that with fire dragon bright.

For the wings / feathers give them a good base coat of Celestra grey

to shade the wings wash in nuln oil the reapply the celestra grey on the areas avoiding the shadows made by the wash.
Highlight the edges with Ulthuan Grey

T.B.C. and please let me know if you have any tips or advice on how i am painting this (still experimenting a bit)
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Now drill a hole for the barrel with a pin vice and small drill bit.
Paint the gun with Abaddon black and highlight with Fenrisian grey
paint leadbelcher on the boltgun sight and barrel also any pipes or blood drop gem holders then wash with nuln oil.

for the gems paint them with mephiston red then highlight with evil sunz scarlet,wild rider red then fire dragon bright covering less each highlight. finish them of with a small amount of bloodletter glaze.
base coat the skulls with steel legion drab
base coat the scrolls with zandri dust

wash the skulls with agrax earth shade and reapply the steel legion drab where the wash has not gone in the gaps.
wash the scrolls with reikland flesh shade and reapply zandri dust as before.

highlight the skulls with screaming skull then white scar.
highlight the scrolls with ungor flesh then screaming skull.

paint the wreath first with death world forest and highlight it with ogrin camo
if you chose to paint the eyes I use straken green and highlight with ogrin camo
paint the blade of the sword with dark reaper and highlight with thunder hawk blue.

for the writing on the scrolls use either black or dark brown.
paint random jagged lines on the sword with highlight with teclis blue, lothern blue and finaly fenrisian grey.

next is basing the miniture
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for the base - cut and file off beneath the foot and drill a shallow 2mm wide hole.
cut the acrylic rod to length.

repaint under the foot and glue acrylic rod in to the hole.

drill 2mm hole in the base, slot the acrylic rod in and glue.
I have used the micro art studio derelict bases.

and finally done :biggrin:
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Didn't plan on doing this but still needed to remove the stone from under his foot.
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