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If you have a lot of models to paint I wouldn't suggest the method i'm about to give, but it works excellently for a stand out model like an HQ or champion or w/e. (Also, I am not a painting expert but I found this method worked really well for me)

All it takes is fortress grey and skull white

I guess it doesn't matter what the base coat is, but I used black
1. Paint the area with fortress grey
2. Paint the area with 2:1 fortress grey to skull white
3. Paint the area with 1:1 fortress grey to skull white
4. Paint the area with 1:2 fortress grey to skull white
5. Paint the area with 1:3 grey to white
6. Paint the area with skull white mixed with just the tiniest bit of grey
7. Drybrush skull white

I know it's a long process but you're white will be perfect when you're through
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