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Hi all, This past week I decided to spruce my terrain collection up with an authentic rusted corrugated steel shed. As you will learn I love making warhammer terrain. Especially warhammer 40k terrain. I made this in less than 90 minutes so let’s get to it shall we.

Here’s a list of the materials we’ll be using:

• A block of polystyrene (insulation foam) or regular Styrofoam
• 18 popsicle sticks
• 2 strips of cardboard 3 inches high and 12 inches long
(the amount of cardboard given to you in a pizza box would be more than plenty)
• Utility knife and scissors
• Paint brush
• Black paint
• Grey paint
• Brown paint
• Rust colored paint (or just a red and brown mixed could work too)
• Silver paint
• Green paint (something that resembles moss color)

I’m a fan of making things look blown up and partially wrecked and destroyed, so if you’ve looked at the shed and said “man this looks really beat up” you’ll know it was made by Miniwargamer Dave. Kay, nuff talk and more building then wrecking I say. Let’s get to it.

Step 1 prepare and cut cardboard.

Cardboard doesn’t just come like this so you’ll have to peel one layer of the flat sides off in order to expose the corrugated look of the inside. You’ll see what I mean once you start peeling. I then use a sanding block or sandpaper to sand off any excess bits in the grooves. You can size these however you choose.

Step 2 glue Styrofoam to cardboard

Cut 4 blocks of Styrofoam equal to the height of your cardboard strips and glue them together. Once all glued it’ll look something like this:

Step 3 Attach wooden rafters
(That’s just the cool way of saying it. What we’re really doing is gluing down popsicle sticks to the Styrofoam)

If you look carefully you’ll see 4 sticks underneath the 5 horizontal ones. Those I had to break at both ends then glue together and onto the Styrofoam blocks. Next I glued 10 sticks horizontally-5 on each side.

Step 4 prime the walls/roof with black

Next you’ll want to prime your walls black. Cut and shape roof parts as shown beside the shed. Depending on the glue you’ve used the popsicle stick roof will be sturdy enough to drybrush a few accent colors. I used 2 shades of brown and a lighter green to resemble moss. Next paint the Styrofoam grey to resemble concrete.

Step 5 Paint on the rust ( the best part by the way)

For this I painted the walls a dark red to start. Don’t worry about making it perfect because you’ll be adding many layers. Next drybrush a dark brown. Finally drybrush a silver grey to certain parts only saving a lot of the “rust” exposed. In the end you should end up with 2/3 rust 1/3 metallic color showing through.

Repeat the same for the roof . Then glue on the roof pieces. Let it sit to dry for a good 20-30 minutes. Then come back and admire your work. Wasn’t that easy? Time to play now.

Here's some other cool terrain articles

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P.S. Feel add any other articles on how to make good terrain.

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Wow, thanks for the sweet tutorial. Any chance I can convince you to repost it again in the Tutorials section as well for future reference?

Oh, and welcome to Heresy Online. Sweet first post :grin:

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very nice!!! I need to up date my terrain as well and I'll keep this in mind.

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Ha HA ha, very nice, very very nice.

Ive taken to making terrain out of nice little bits ive found at work. And one of them was a kick ass little emplacement, with graffiti on it. Must post some pics.

Rusty shed with graffiti sounds great!!

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You can actually get cardboard already in the corregated pattern, it comes in rolls of it which is the only problem as you then have to starighten it but on a budget standard card works fine, nice work.
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