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How to make a Khorne DP work?

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I'm aware the go-to DP is a Nurgle DP but I play a semi-casual (the kind of semi-casual where you still kinda want to beat your opponent for bragging rights), themed Khorne WoC army and I really want to find a way to make a Khorne DP work.

So how would I do this as effectively as I possibly can?

Off the top of my head I'm thinking;
- MoK, Chaos Armour and Flight
- Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder, Flaming Breath
- Sword of Swift Slaying

Obviously I'm aware how painfully UP this guy is in comparison to the good old Nurgle DP... but I'm on a mission!

Would love to hear your suggestions guys!
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I think the best Khorne DP is a cheap Khorne DP.

I definitely think you want a Charmed Shield, Chaos Armor, and Scaly Skin for the 1+ armor save, and protection from that cannon ball. I also recommend a dragonfire gem. Flight is really optional, I don't recommend it really, You also don't really NEED any weapons. Perhaps the cheap 5 point one.

On a khorne Daemon Prince just go as cheap as possible, dumping points into him does not change his role, or effectiveness in that role.

An interesting idea (if you can get around cannons etc) Is to buy glittering Scales for 25 points, most enemies will hit you in combat on a 6. (problem is getting to combat)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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