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I find the D% combat system is one of the slower, more dull systems around. You certainly can't do large, long battles without everything feeling the burn. There are quick shortcut rules which certainly help, like taking out the hit location and critical hit rules, but the constant updating of 10+ NPC's hit points etc requires alot of paper fumbling, and keeping track of what model is what, just makes the whole thing clumsy and impractical. And then theres the fact most participants in the fight have around a 60% chance of missing, and a considerable chance of not getting through armour/ toughness bonus....phew. People get SERIOUSLY frustrated at this. I often wonder if an opposed % system combining two combatants turns into one wouldn't make for a better game.

I learnt my lesson, I avoid big combats like the plague, making it short and snappy and just roleplay the rest. In fact by the time the RP is done people are glad to have it broken up by tactical combat.
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